Friday, August 17, 2012

summer's end.

The conclusion of summertime is imminent. I have had that thought for the past several days, but as I drove to work on Monday, it was like dearest Mother Nature smacked me on the forehead. My type-A, obsessive planner personality had kicked into overdrive for the past week or so, anticipating fall events, and readying myself for the next several months. As I made my way out of our neighborhood to join the onslaught of the rest of commuting, corporate America (err, Nashville), I couldn't help but notice that my neighbors seem to be bidding farewell to summer, as well. Mondays are trash pick-up days for us, and I smiled at the 70-degree temperature reading in my car, my eyes led me to note the abandoned barbecue grill at the end of a nearby driveway, clearly designated for the garbage. As odd as it was, it tugged at my heart a bit as I realized the lazy weekends by the pool really are drawing to a close. Not five houses down on the other side of the street, a tangled coil of garden hose was tossed against the side of a garbage can. These two miniscule images are still resonating with me, reminding me that while my favorite season is upon us, I need to stop wishing away the time. Live more in the here and now.

I've always been partial to autumn myself--for all the predictable, proverbial reasons and more. I love the transition to a busier--less lazy, laidback--season. I love the thrill of football games, and the planning of upcoming holiday vacays. I love the bite in the air, and now in Nashville, the mist that hovers over the lush hills. I live for the lazy weekends, wrapped up in scarves and cardigans, clutching a steaming Starbucks cup, planning the day with my love. I love donning boots and skinnies for date nights. I love busting out my beloved coat collection. I love the sting in my lungs after a long run. The leaf piles of reds and oranges, shiny pumpkins, the warmth of comfort food. Y'all. Seriously can't wait.

[nearly all images from my pinterest board, swiped from my newest favorite tumblr.]

But until then... I'm going to soak up a little more pool time, indulge in a little more BBQ and embrace the heat of the blazing sunshine while it lasts.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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