Monday, August 20, 2012

the halfway hipster.

I've becoming fascinated with hipster culture, as of late.

[original card found at catbird seat's site. still dying to dine there oh-so-badly.]

If you've caught up with my first diatribe on this fairly-new-to-me phenomenon, you know that I've stumbled across many o' depictions and definitions of the hipster. Here's a roundabout, generic checklist for identifying hipsters:

1. observe true hipsters.
--basically encouraging wanna-be hipsters to mimic the actions of legit, bona fide hipsters, a la joining the same passionate groups (young democrats and anything gay-friendly is completely cool). finding a cause to believe in and standing firm in it--or being really steadfast about not believing in anything (clearly, I could never fall in the latter category).

2. find a hobby.
 something crafty or artsy. true hipsters are firm believers in DIY, and music especially. (I fall squarely in this category. Love everything about anything creative, and I live and breathe for music. Especially the obscure, indie stuff).

3. be eco-friendly.
most hipsters are all about recycling. the dirt under their nails probably hailed from the backyard garden they harvest their own organic vegetables from. lots of these kids are vegetarians. (while I absolutely, positively never litter, I'm not awesome at recycling--aside from scrap paper at work--and could never, ever be a vegetarian. On the contrary, I've always, always wanted to have a garden. Maybe next year...)

4. find obscure bands.
Ahem. See my commentary on #2. But really... the first telltale sign for me that someone might lean to the hipster demographic is taste in music. It's also crucial to have a solid balance of classics in the ipod playlist too... lots of Dylan and Springsteen (all over this one).

5. get the look.
Figure out what kind of hipster you are, then dress to fit your part (but don't try too hard!) Types range from natural hipsters (super crunchy), to punk (all tatted up), to thrift store (clothes are older than the wearer), and everywhere in between (I'm still way too preppy to be considered "granola," but I have an eye for picking out who's who anyway).

...and for grins, here's yet another intriguing and amusing article on hipsterdom...

...and yeah. There's even an app for that. Off to download it now...

Like I said... this totally fascinates me.

What's your take on hipsters, anyway? good? bad?

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  1. I think its safe to say I am very far from a hipster!:)


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