Tuesday, September 18, 2012

no place like home.

I am not awesome at keeping secrets. It was pretty tough to stay mum about my trip home that I took the first weekend of September... it was in the works for several weeks, but I wanted to really surprise Amy for her birthday--and I was successful! She was shocked, her surprise party was fabulous, and I got to spend a lot of quality time with (most) all of the people I love back home.

I flew out Friday evening, and my Pops was waiting on me at Austin-Bergstrom. I was ecstatic to see him. Being that I flew out right after work, and had a brief layover in Houston, I hadn't had dinner yet. Naturally, that was an ideal time to consume some Whataburger (for those of you who are unaware, the telltale orange stripes do not grace the state of Tennessee). I inhaled a taquito and we trekked home.

definitely sniffed out the first whataburger within 5 minutes of the airport. priorities.

Saturday, I spent the day stimulating the economy, visiting my favorite stores--including my beloved H-E-B for some of my favorite, favorite coffee. Nabbed some Bush's sweet tea, reveled in the big ol' trucks, and admired the Baylor decor at the mall I grew up going to. Home sweet home.

That evening, I met up with two of my BFFs to surprise and celebrate with Amy at her party. Lemme tell you, I had a blast. Catching up with my sweetest girlfriends, soaking up a breezy Saturday night at a ranch party, noshing on shrimp and sipping on beer... seriously just what I needed.

 right after she saw me... and we both cried. it was one of the best surprises ever.
 she was shocked and it was just priceless.

 I love these three so, so much. 
a trio of some of the most loving, genuine, thoughtful, endearing souls I've ever known.

 aaaaand, this is so us.

joey and I were giving tmel a hard time for her choice of koozie for the eve. 

When the party wrapped, we visited Amy's puppies (go see how adorable they are!), and for the grand finale, ended the evening at Whataburger (yes, my second trip in 24 hours. It was divine).

Sunday, I met up with my girls once again for brunch... fabulous food on the patio, and a few mimosas with some of the people I love most in this world. In a word? Incredible.

 said our goodbyes at 3 am... back together at brunch a mere 8 hours later.

Later that afternoon, I went to see Obama 2016 with my parents and one of my brothers... it was interesting. To be honest, I didn't know much about the film before I saw it, and I try to steer clear from the obvious propaganda and stay open-minded, but the movie was more informative than I initially expected. We grabbed some Katie's Custard--one of my Waco favorites--afterward. On my way home, I was sure to grab my favorite iced tea snowcone from Mr. Snow.

the best sweet tea snowcone in the world.

and while I was snuggling with Rowdy...

...ST was sweet enough to Facetime me and show off Maizie's tricks, so I felt a little closer to home. He's good like that.

my view from Milo's grave... so very indicative of what I grew up knowing as "Texas." Can't tell you how many times I climbed this barbed wire fence, growing up. 
I sat and chatted with my Milo some. Miss him so much.

Sunday night, my sweet sister-in-law came over with my two baby nephews. Jules made a fantastic spinach lasagna and I got lots of time with Joshua and Logan. They're expecting their third little one in February, and I can't wait! We're all hoping for a girl, but I know they'd be a great house full of boys. Kyla is a fabulous momma, and we'll all know in a few weeks whether we'll be buying sequined Toms or a football onesie. But I can't wait!

sweetest babies ever.

Monday, I spent time with my Pops before dropping by my old office to say bye to the girls. We met up with my Jules and brother Taylor for an early dinner at Ninfa's--ahem, and sangria margaritas--before my dad drove me to Dallas to catch my evening flight.

bidding farewell to my sweet joey.


And I definitely cried as his car disappeared at the end of the airport "departures" lane. I love my family so much, and there's just something about being home. I love Texas as much as--if not more--than most Texans, but home is deeper than that. It was amazing to be able to go to all my favorite places, eat all my favorite foods, but I loved catching up with my friends, and just being able to see my parents' faces. Hear their laughs, in person. Hold my baby nephews. Cuddle with the family dogs. Sleep in my childhood bedroom. I knew I missed being home, but actually being there was like the proverbial shot in the arm. I love Nashville, I love being with my man everyday, I love my new job... but--as cliche as it is--Texas is in my bones. And there's just nothing like spending time with the people who know you best.

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  1. I'm glad you had a great trip!!! Love all of the pics. I seriously look up to you for being able to move away from your life, family, friends, home, etc....... I know it's got to be worth it, but it is scary! I'm only looking at a 150 mile move and have anxiety about it, so what you did is amazing!


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