Monday, October 15, 2012

halloween shenanigans.

Growing up, one of the most anticipated times of my childhood years was Halloween. My grandparents always went all out for each holiday--they went above and beyond to make days like this incredibly special and memorable for us kids. Every square inch of their house was always covered in holiday-appropriate garb--and Halloween was no exception. From the automated witch hand in the bowl that smacked down on a candy snatcher's hand, to spindly spiderwebs all over the porch, to pumpkins galore, and hanging ghosts. In nearly any other space, it'd appear borderline tacky, but the images of those quintessential Halloween decor necessities take me back to sitting on my Mimi's living room floor, surrounded by shiny candy wrappers, clad in a homemade costume (Pippy Longstocking was a particularly memorable one--had wire hangers woven into my braids and everything).

And speaking of which, every Halloween (and more specifically, about a month leading up to the day), we would bust out with a dusty VHS tape that held an hour of dubbed footage, directly from the Disney Channel. Disney's Halloween Treat is a montage of original Disney animations, cued to recognizable, eery-esque music (think "Evil Woman" by Electric Light Orchestra and "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival). We were obsessed with it--we loved it so much. And sure enough, every year, about this time, I have this hankering to plop directly in front of the TV, legs crossed, taking in every familiar scene... if only to spend an hour in a flash back to the sweet memories of a childhood that flew by way too fast.

[here's part 1 of 7...]

Tell me you watched this when you were little! What other classic TV specials do you remember from being a wee one?

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