Wednesday, October 10, 2012

here lately.

Life has been biz-AY lately. I know that's the way it goes, and that every single one of you is flying through your weeks at 100 miles per hour, too... how are you dealing? I'm trying to consciously soak up fall--really let the cold of the morning air burn my lungs when I walk out to my car, indulge in my pumpkin-cider-spice-scented soaps/candles/body washes, memorize countless football scores and eagerly anticipate Halloween and Thanksgiving... but as life goes, October is here, it's right here--and I'm desperately trying to hold on to it. I have been living for the rainy weather... I absolutely adore the dampness of Nashville. Didn't get too much of that back home in Texas.

My biggest month for work is happening right now, so I'm struggling to keep a good balance--not get too wrapped up work obligations, and enjoy enough of my favorite season in my new home.

So with that said, here are the menial things I've pondered and/or accomplished lately:

  • I discovered Seche Vite topcoat (I believe through Mrs. Brassfield), and am in love. I am constantly chipping my nails, and so far, this has held up for a few days and it's super shiny. I'm a fan.
  • I sent in my absentee voting info back to Texas... you know, since I haven't officially declared my Tennessee residence by enduring the agonizing process at the DMV.
  • I impulsively indulged in a new purse that I'm totally in love with... so... There's that.
  • I found some fabulous little dog bones at Provence for Maizers when I was picking up some macarons, and she's been embracing her Starbucks right alongside me. I am so smitten with my little prissy partner-in-crime.

  • I found a delightful (easy!) pumpkin muffin recipe that has been a hit with the boyfriend, the little man, the coworkers, and everyone in between... so that's awesome.

  • Finally joined Birchbox. I'm pretty excited to get my first collection--from Goop!
  • I found Maizie's halloween costume. Brace yourselves, stay tuned... it's pretty incredible.
  • I've been psyching myself up for fall TV, and I'm excited to be back in the groove of watching Gossip Girl, Revenge, Nashville and Up All Night. And Hulu makes it all the better. Thank you, convenience.
  • I have decided to curate a pinterest board dedicated to my birthday/Christmas lists... you know, since I'm 11.

  • I've mastered the top knot and gotten many o' compliment... had I known it'd be so well-received, I'd have been rocking it a lot more frequently, a long time ago!

  • I still haven't finished Fifty Shades of Grey, but am managing to slowly get through it. Two words: horrible. writing. Meanwhile, I finished Sloane Crosley's Kindle single, "Up The Down Volcano," and basically laughed my way through the entire thing. I'd give a vital organ to be able to write like her.
  • I finally, FINALLY painted a vintage side table I found back home in Texas a few months back... I'm thrilled with the results and it looks gorgeous in our living room.

  • And most importantly, and sweetly, ST and I celebrated four fabulous years this past week. We like making holidays out of most anything, so we technically have a few different ones, but the one most people would recognize? That one? That one was this past week.

    We had a fabulous date night of champagne in the park before dinner at Eastland Cafe... and as soon as this month slows down, we'll hopefully be skedaddling out of town to celebrate a little more. I love you, sweets!!!

What have you done lately?


  1. I can't wait to see Maizie's costume, and I LOVE the table!!

    Your top knot looks great, and I use Seche Vite as well! Dries SO fast and is super shiny. The only downfall is that I can never make it through a full bottle, because after a few months it gets SUPER thick and stringy (like a spider web's strings), and it can't be used. But I love it so much that I just buy a new bottle! :)

    I need that pumpkin muffin recipe!!!

  2. So I sorta/kinda loved everything about this post. First thing - so glad you picked up Seche Vite...that stuff is the shit. Second, holy cow we are tv twins...loved Nashville, loved, LOVED Nashville. With all the traveling for work lately I'm still behind on all my ole faves. Can't wait to dive back into those. Third, I too tried to read 50 Shades because ohmygawdnoonewouldshutupaboutit and yes, it was horrible writing. LAWD. Fourth, the top knot is so cute on you...I'm still trying to figure out how to not look like a sister wife when I wear one. Fifth, congrats to you and ST. Lovey dovey all around!


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