Thursday, November 8, 2012

color run recap.

We have been crazy-nuts-busy over the past few weeks. It completely blows my mind that autumn is more or less over. Football season is dwindling, the splashes of color on the trees have faded, the days are shorter and shorter. November seems to be the fastest month of the year for me... always has been. With the anticipation of Christmas, and the wham-bam, back-to-back nature of my birthday and Thanksgiving, I've always felt like one day it was Halloween, and the next, I'm Christmas shopping.

Moving on... ST and I had signed up for the Color Run months ago--well before I got my new job and knew I was moving here. And, ahem, well before I knew my two big work weekends would be the bread to the sandwich that I know of as October events. But we dominated it like champs... it was such a blast!

We are definitely weekend people--I treasure our routine so much more than I ever anticipated before I made Nashville home. Where sporadic events were a rare element of my past, I'm loosening up--there's hope for me yet. We have our long-term plans--big and little--but ST and his spontaneity balance out my Type-A side , and when I put down my planner and close my iCal, I laugh more deeply and have more fun with that guy than should be allowed... it's amazing, the things he's taught me--a lot of them, without even trying. Alright, alright--enough mush.

My advice is to definitely partake in the Color Run if you get the chance--absolute blast, fab weekend workout, great way to spend a morning with the guy you love--or a BFF. Proceeds from registration benefit a local charity for each run--the Nashville proceeds were funneled toward the Amputee Blade Runners--an organization who funds running prosthesis for amputees (insurance doesn't cover running prosthesis). Ours was mapped out in downtown Nashville and the weather was sublimely perfect. Just be ready to shower about 3 times before the orange completely fades from your forehead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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