Thursday, November 22, 2012

grateful heart.

After a little bit of a rough day (we'll talk later), I finally made it home to the motherland for the holiday! And for the sake of offering a conformist's list of all things I'm thankful for (while sparing you the daily facebook updates), I thought I'd offer a checklist of the things I've been especially grateful for this year.

Aside from the blatantly obvious--ahem, my dearest family and friends, my constant health and overall great spirit, my faith--in no particular order, here are a few more:

  • life in a new city... the curve balls it's brought and the thrill--even now--it brings everyday.
  • the love, laughs and support of a man I'm still crazy about.
  • living 2 miles from a Starbucks.
  • discovering dry shampoo and the quintessential top knot.
  • moving to Nashville and yet keeping the solid friendships with (damn near all of) my girls back home. I have some amazingly loyal sweethearts woven into my life (no, this is not a cotton commercial).
  • three J. Crew stores and an Anthro and West Elm within a 15-20 minute jaunt from my driveway.
  • the niche I've found at Vanderbilt--the posse of women I am fortunate to work with and fit in with effortlessly, the zest of working in academia, the rush I get from being able to make a living, doing what I do best--working from my creative mind.
  • new opportunities (more on that later!)
  • being part of an effervescent church and church family I love more and more.
  • being a Texan, a Baylor girl, a military kid, a sister and aunt.
  • my shiny, new Frye boots, Pinterest and Birchbox.
  • unfailingly perfect family recipes.
  • making big plans, and small plans, alike.

...and above all, having a home I'm in love with, an ever-present support system, and the resounding feeling like I'm right where I need to be, right now. There's nothing--and I mean nothing--that supersedes that in my book right now.

I genuinely, truly hope your holiday was just as wonderful as could be!!

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