Thursday, November 1, 2012

planner swaperoo.

I don't leave the house without my planner. I jot practically everything in it--not just the standard appointments and meeting notes, but grocery lists, travel plans, birthday gift ideas, funny quotes... it's basically my go-to, my day-to-day life manual. Last year, I was bitten by the erin condren bug and bought one of hers. I loved most everything about it--with the exception of the $50 price tag. I landed mine last year for under $20 (thanks to plum district), shipping and all... and was waiting for a similar deal this year. It hasn't popped up, and frankly, as much as I loved the bells and whistles of the erin condren version (funtabs, folder and envelope in the back to hold receipts, etc., lots of note space and stickers), I just wasn't inclined to indulge for $50 this go 'round. For the past week or so, I've been brainstorming which design I wanted, whilst simultaneously cringing at the thought of spending $60+ on the thing. So tonight, on yet another routine trip to Target, I stumbled upon a Kate Spade-esque version for a whopping $8.


Sure, it's missing the pocket and envelope for receipts, the tabs aren't on the thick cardstock that the EC one offered, and overall, the planner itself is smaller (which I like), but for what I need, it's perfect. It has monthly and weekly pages (an absolute must), it has tabs, note space--and... (drumroll, please) ...a little nod to nostalgia with the reference pages that your high school planner included. You know what I mean--state capitals, periodic table, maps... I can practically hear the lockers slamming now.


Back in Nashville. In 2012.

I have a new planner... and I am proud to say I'll be spending my day tomorrow filling it up with all of my plans for next year!!

Do you carry a planner? Have you had an erin condren experience? Was it worth it to you?


  1. Had an EC planner for about 2 months. Just like you, I carry my planner with me everywhere. My bag was so heavy & my shoulder & neck hurt all the time. I drop kicked that 2 ton planner to the curb & went back to my trusty Russel & Hazel planner(which, BTW I can completely customize to my needs).

  2. I love planners and look forward to getting one every year. With that said, I haven't been able to jump on board. Every blogger in America made me want one, but there was no way I could allow myself to spend that kind of money for one. Mine is from Target as well!! :)


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