Thursday, November 8, 2012

popcorn burlap wreath DIY.

Pinterest is a magical land, isn't she? I've always been a crafter by nature, but with that abounding resource at our fingertips, it's way too convenient to tap into a whole new world of creativity. I--like most anyone who loves fall--have an affinity for all things burlap. I knew I wanted a burlap wreath for our front door, but too many of the tutorials were just not quite what I was searching for. When I stumbled across the one that eventually won out--while I didn't initially just love it--I really love the final result. And searching "DIY burlap wreath" yields way too many (unhelpful, if you ask me) results, so in an effort to avoid confusion, I'll just call my wreath the popcorn burlap wreath. BAM.

So, I didn't take pictures like a true DIY blogger is wont to do, but I will link to a tutorial that is just like the one I devised. Burlap ribbon tends to be in short supply in stores lately, from what I've noticed and read, but try a local wholesale florist--that's where I found mine. All in all, the whole of the project ran me about $35. The burlap was spency at $15/spool (I think each has 10 yards, and I needed about 13-15 yards total), and then I just bought a foam wreath form ($2 maybe) and some generic straight pins. Some tutorials suggest wrapping the wreath form in burlap so it looks neater--I definitely recommend this, as I did and it looks great. Also, our front door has a huge window inlaid in it, so I didn't want to expose the janky foam back through our front door.

What do you think? I think I'll tuck some pinecones into it for Christmas, maybe some little hearts for Valentine's... this puppy is staying up year-round!

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