Sunday, January 13, 2013

at my dinner table.

Have you ever just pondered who you'd love to sit down to dinnertime discussion with? The faces you'd like to see, the voices and topics you'd just die to hear while passing the bread basket? I mean, it's gotta be the oldest conversation starter in the book, but my BFF, CB, inspired this post... and while my guest list is constantly evolving, here's who I'd invite to feast on my stepmom's homemade chili tonight:

  • jake gyllenhaal... the boy-next-door who you still crush on when you grow up.
  • maggie gyllenhaal... the seestar and loudmouth, but super passionate. have to love that.
  • peter saarsgard... firecracker husband to aforementioned mouthpiece. I would just die to have family din with the gyllenhaals.
  • ben affleck... began his little ol' career as eye candy and has blossomed into an incredible director, springing to interest so many social and historical issues. just brilliant.
  • george clooney... enough said.
  • lena dunham... so quirky and yet relatable and hilarious. a total genius.
  • tom hanks... the classic. would make a fantastic professor.
  • meghan mccain... my dream BFF. love her unapologetic sass and political ideals so much.
  • joanna goddard... all-time favorite blogger. simple, but sharp and sweet. seems like your saavy older cousin.
  • john krasinski... also a favorite. getting a little ben affleck-ism going on as he is seen more and more, involved with philanthropies and social issues... so adorable. the guy BFF.
  • sloane crosley... all-time favorite author. hysterical. the ideal college roommate... always has the most incredible stories.
  • van morrison... if I had to listen to one musician for the rest of my life, he'd be it.
  • robert duvall... oldie but goodie. just totally fascinates me.
  • johnny depp... so unbelievably odd, and yet intriguing.
  • rudy giuliani... my dream president.
  • christina applegate... the ideal big sister. gorgeous, doesn't take herself too seriously, straight shooter.

I appreciate all of these people for their depth and for being all-out fascinating individuals--leading the charge for something in one way or another. sounds a bit broad, but whether it be through their effective acting, witty writing, comedy, music or even politics--they all stand out to me as incredible minds... or they just really make me laugh.

Who'd you want to show up on your doorstep with dessert??

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