Friday, February 22, 2013

february birchbox.

Time for February's goods! I was pretty pleased with what this month had to offer...
  • Ojon Thickening Spray
  • Twistband headband
  • Color Club in Mamba
  • Juicy Couture La La
  • Ghirardelli chocolate
  • (not shown here--Beauty Protector Protector & Detangler)
The thickening spray is legit. I am a huge proponent of Ojon products... I've discovered them quite by accident, but haven't been disappointed yet. The bottle was pretty big, and the scent is amazing. BIG fan. The twistband is cute (purple), but the headband versions of the Emi-Jay-esque phenomenon won't stay on my head, so I think this will be relegated to the top drawer for hair-back-for-face-washing time. I'm an OPI/essie loyalist, but love the red-red-REDness of this Color Club situation. And same for Juicy... I have loved every single one of their perfumes (with the exception of Peace Love Juicy), and this one didn't disappoint either... loving it. Lastly, how can you go wrong with the Ghirardelli? ST and I hoard them at home, and the caramel variety is the absolute best.

Oh, oh! I'm thrilled to report that ST is totally on the Birchbox wagon... I surprised my metro, product-loving handsome man with a subscription and he is LOVING the goods. If your man prides himself on looking good for you, I'd definitely suggest snatching one up for him... I haven't heard him stop talking about how great X is, or how much he loves Y. And I love every minute of it!

In case you're wondering, he ended up with some Kerastase shampoo, Cartier cologne (that smells incredibly sexy, FYI), some man wipes, awesome shaving cream, a pocket square and a shoehorn. It's a little more spency at $20/month, but I think it's totally worth it--and better yet, he does too.

What'd you get this month? Would your man enjoy birchbox?? Do tell...


  1. I'm so sad that I don't receive BB anymore each time I read someone's review posts :(

    And as a side note, I had a package of emijay-esqe headbands too, and since I never had a use for them, I cut mine in half and made ponytail holders instead. Just an idea!

  2. I had no idea Birchbox had a men's subscription. Such a great gift idea! Although on second though I'm not sure I want Sean developing a Kerastase addiction like mine! Between the two of us, that could get expensive! lol


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