Sunday, February 24, 2013

oscars recap.

Well, they're over. I was particularly invested in this year's Oscars as ST and I have seen most all of the Best Picture nominations... and I am over-the-moon excited for the Argo victory! I loved everything about that movie--the historical aspect, the acting, the screenplay, Ben Affleck's performance and directing... I just loved it. I was disappointed to hear he was snubbed for the directing category, but am thrilled that the movie won for Best Picture. If you haven't seen it, run, don't walk!

Secondly, I was shocked that Jennifer Lawrence took home Best Actress!! I think the category was chock-full of overwhelmingly sensational talent this year, but I was betting Naomi Watts would win for The Impossible. She was flawless in her portrayal of tsunami victim, Maria Belon. But I am not disappointed at all for the outcome... I just adore Jennifer Lawrence and am overjoyed for her night. Poor thing tripped on her way up to the stage and still completely rocked it. Um, and when she toppled, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman both bolted to her aid... SWOON.


Flashback, did you see this intro of her SNL show a few weeks ago? A little foreshadowing, eh? eh? (apologies for the janky angle... it's all I could find!)

Now onto the good stuff! The gown discussion... here are my favorites:

I just adore these two. Jennifer Garner always picks the same silhouette, but I'm not mad at it... the streamlined, strapless, solid colors work for her. I love the deep fuchsia hue with her skintone. And him? Ohhh, I just love them.

 Stacy Keibler annoys me a little, but this is about the wardrobe, not the woman. Girlfriend has a rocking bod, and I am crazy about the pattern on this gown. I think she looks incredible.

Same idea, different lady. Fellow Texan and girl-next-door-turned-glamazon, Sandy Bullock is the epitome of glamorous here. I love the edginess of the black, mixed with the ethereal glitz of rhinestones. She really nailed it tonight.

You've read my rants about my dislike for Selma Hayek, et al. However, this is about the dresses and nothing else. That being said, I really liked her deep navy halter situation tonight. She looked just phenomenal.

 Giuliana, I slammed you earlier this week for your annoying ass phrases, but I really liked what you put together for tonight. The black was an easy go-to, but the overlapping, simplistic layers were timeless. And I loved that you weren't accessorizing with 6 feet of extensions. Well done.


My obvious choice for favorite.. Charlize. Wow. She makes it look so easy. The silhouette and the white were just so stunning. Coupled with the haircut and her ease, maneuvering that red carpet? She just stole the show. So perfect.

And I'll go ahead and wrap with a finale of Bradley Cooper con mama. How adorable is it that he brought his mom as his date? I just love when actors do this. And it doesn't hurt that he looks ridiculously handsome in that tux and facial hair combination. Well done, BC. Well done.

Who were your favorites on Oscar night??

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