Monday, March 4, 2013

reading rainbow.

Don't even tell me you don't remember that little ditty. And while it pertains little to my topic du jour, I just really wanted an excuse to plug that in here. So... you're welcome.

So, remember the raunchfest-disguised-as-romantic series chronicling the unlikely attachment of Christian Grey and Ana Steele? You might remember it as "Fifty Shades of Grey?" and its follow-up sequels? Well... unlike most of the red-blooded female population, from what I understand, I haven't read them. 


Peer pressure got the best of me and I bought the first one on Kindle, and managed to trudge through roughly half of it. It was undoubtedly, the worst-written piece of "literature" I've ever encountered. It wasn't even the mature-ish, ridiculous subject matter that ultimately made me walk away (and I never leave a book unfinished). The writing style was so horrid, I found myself stunned that this was a bestseller. Really?? Moving on...

Following that waste of time, I sort of inadvertently stopped reading. I had grand plans to finish 20-25 books in 2012, but I finished her off with a grand total of eight under my belt. Oops. I really wanted to bounce back this year and tackle my growing Amazon wish list, and Saturday, I finally made a teeny dent in that goal.

I bought Jaycee Dugard's memoir months ago, but due to aforementioned circumstances, I hadn't picked it up since I unwrapped it from the shipping envelope. An unfortunate eye ailment left me snuggled up in bed for most of the weekend, so I grabbed "A Stolen Life" off my endless stack of books and proceeded to read it in its entirety, cover to cover. Her story is just unimaginable. Gut-wrenchingly horrific. And through it all, she is an eternal optimist and has immense hope. I know her life will be a constant healing process, but her fortitude is just awe-inspiring. At times, I had to put the book down, or realize that I needed to mop up the endless tears streaming down my cheeks before I could continue, but to learn of her strength was mind-blowing.

One down, 24 to go! 

Have you read anything amazing lately? What's on your to-read's, as of late??

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  1. I felt the exact same way about 50 Shades. I wasn't bothered by the material, but the writing? Kill me now. Good luck on the other 24!


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