Sunday, April 7, 2013

in pursuit of pink polish.

I love a sleek, punchy nail as much as the next girl, but as you know, not every shade is suitable for all. I've sort of lazily been pursuing the search for a quality, pale, pale pink for most of my adulthood--and have hesitated to jump on the Ballet Slippers bandwagon due to my fair, freckly complexion, and the fact that the first bottle of essie I bought (Sugar Daddy) was incredibly watery and no bueno. And any pink I've tried since has either been too streaky, too white, too pink, too yellow, too chalky, too gummy... it's been quite the trial--lemmetellya.

For an unbeknownst reason (impending spring, perhaps?), I've plunged into the search for pale pink polish this week, and I'm pleased with the results.

essie's Spaghetti Strap

 I really liked Spaghetti Strap, although I think my three coats were a mistake. I was painting quick and at night, so I wasn't super careful and it looked a bit streaky. I added a third coat and it ended up the teensiest bit gummy. I love the peachy-pinkness of it, and it wasn't really sheer (like Ballet Slippers is intended to be). I'll give her another go soon enough, but I think it's safe to say she'll stay in rotation.

OPI's Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath was recommended by a sweet friend as her go-to pale pink. She's an adorable, perpetually-tan Florida girl, so I was hesitant, but I like it. It's definitely more of a sheer-French-mani nude, as you can see. I believe this was three coats, as well. I think I steer toward the peachier-nude pinks with my skin tone, as the pinkier ones are too chalky or bubble gummy on me.

essie's Ballet Slippers

I finally bit the bullet. Actually, the same adorably tan Floridian surprised me at work with this little bottle and made my week. I hurried through a quick painting last night and immediately took it off... I had smudged it and it was too white on me. I slowly reapplied (three coats) and really loved the end result. Alas, I was wrong. It's the tiniest bit streaky on me, but the hue is spot-on--not too yellow, not too chalky. Winner.

(For summer, I also swear by Geranium, Ole Caliente and Watermelon.)

So there you go... what are your go-to colors?


  1. I own Ballet Slippers, Geranium, and Watermelon! KNEW I loved ya :)

  2. I love pale pinks but I feel like they always disappear on my pasty self.


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