Thursday, April 11, 2013

link-up with my favorite blend.

I'm fairly certain I've never done a "link-up" with anyone, but in light of my dearest BHB initiating a little "get to know you" post, I thought I'd play along!  So here's your mini-microscope on my life...

{found on tumblr.}

1. The Basics
Who are you: Megan--which consistently translates to Meg(s)... I'm also routinely called by my last name, and even my twitter handle, (@)baylormegs
Where do you blog: M is for Moxie
How did you pick your blog’s name: "moxie" is one of my all-time favorite words, and in the effort to incorporate one of my favorite ideas and a teensy bit of cheesefest alliteration, coupled with my first initial, the blog name was born.

2. Location, location, location
Where did you grow up: deep in the heart of TEXAS!
Where do you live now: Music City, Nashville, Tennessee... AKA, the IT town right now :)
Where would you live anywhere in the world: honestly, as hokey as it sounds, I'm here. I'll be back in Texas one day, but aside from the proximity to my family and friends, I really love life in Nashville.

3. Let’s talk beauty - what is your favorite or signature:
Lipstick: philosophy's glosses are overtaking my purse--frosted animal cracker, mimosa and peppermint bark are my favorites. Fresh's Lip Sugar is a good one too.
Mascara: ooooh, man. I'm a mascara fiend. Right now, I'm sticking with Maybelline Falsies, but I am also a big fan of Laura Mercier's, Benefit They're Real, and Lancome Hypnose Drama.
Perfume: Juicy's Viva La Juicy and Juicy Couture, Chloe, Philosophy's Falling in Love, Kate Walsh Boyfriend, and I love, love, LOVE this Atelier Cologne sample in a Rose scent I got in my Birchbox a few months back... but at $200, it has yet to have been purchased. Obvi.

4. Yummies - what is your favorite:
Cocktail: vodka/cranberry or long islands in the sum-sum-summatime; red, red wine in cold months
Dessert: damn near anything. love me some tiramisu though.
Pizza Topping(s): Hawaiian is my go-to!

5. I always have these three things in my refrigerator:
Un: produce out the wazoo--right now, blackberries, strawberries, raw spinach, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, apples, grapes, cucumbers, romaine, cherry tomatoes... etc.
Deux: eggs 
Trois: capri suns for the little man

6. Get artsy - what is your favorite:
Movie: My Best Friend's Wedding, Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Ocean's 11 (the Clooney version)Book:  too many to list, but Carole Radziwell's What Remains ripped my heart out... and Sloane Crosley's I Thought There'd Be Cake made me laugh so hard, I thought I was going to die.
TV Show: Girls. and the news... strange combination.

7. Kid stuffs - three questions about your youth:
What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher, for years and years.  Then an attorney for more years and years. Then an editor... and I settled on events. I'm not mad at it.
Who was your favorite teacher and why? I had so, so many, honestly. My freshman and senior English teachers, Mrs. Rogers, and Ms. Holt, were really fundamental in helping me to establish what I wanted out of life, or at least, out of my college experience. In college, I studied under a lot of really fascinating instructors--and Robert Darden would have to be my absolute favorite. He reminds me why I love writing, and he was so helpful and offered the best kind of guidance, but treated us like adults, and was just so laidback and relateable.
What was your worst sickness/surgery/hospital visit as a kid? knock on wood, I was always a pretty healthy kid, albeit, extremely accident prone. I had stitches four times before I was 12. I had surgery on each knee, the summer I was 14... the procedures weren't rough, but the recovery for the first one blew.

8. The Pretty Things - what is your:
Favorite color: orange! although I'm sort of hesitant to shout it from the rooftops, being that people will probably assume I'm a Tennessee fan. SEC country will bite you in the ass sometimes.
Favorite flower: peonies, ranunculas, hydrangeas
Favorite artist (painter, photographer, etc.): great question... I honestly don't know. I think writing is an art form and I have about a dozen favorite writers... Sloane Crosley and Alexandra Robbins come to mind.

9. Shop ‘Til You Drop
What’s one thing you buy the most often: makeup/beauty stuff... and fruit.
Do you prefer to shop online or in-store? usually online--although if I get the itch to have it rightthissecond, I'll utilize the ol' lunch break to skip on down to acquire aforementioned necessity.
Imagine you open your own store - what would you sell? I'd love to have a little coffee shop... with a dog-friendly screened-in patio, local coffee and beans from Texas, too, and my home made baked goods, hipster kids turned baristas, wifi and flat screens boasting news headlines slapped on the wall by my manfriend.

10. Be a Hater: what are three things you would like to go away?
Ein: shoulder-slit sleeves
Zwei: North Korea's attitude
Drei: tabloid overkill... see also: anything pertaining to LiLo, Amanda Bynes, BS Housewife duels and Kardashian fertility/divorce drama (although, I love, love their fashion. sorrynotsorry.)

11. The Final Three (x Three)

I hand you a genie - what are your three wishes? I'd politely request a two-week beach vacay, a little jet/pilot combination to satiate my weekly desire to head home to Texas, and a walk-in closet room, complete with tufted chaise, jewelry island, and skinny mirrors.
List 3 things you can see out of your window right now. the ominous storm rolling into downtown Nashville, the whimsical playground equipment in the park across the street, and a steady stream of traffic
Who are three people, living or dead, you would invite over for dinner? damn...good question. Today, it'd be: Tristan Prettyman, JFK and Judd Apatow.

...your turn!


  1. J'ADORE tiramisu!!! Could you sell it at your awesome Nashville hipster coffee shop?? :)


  2. Yay, Texas!!! Stopping by from the linkup.

  3. I love the show Girls...I forgot to put it down! I think Lena is a fantastic writer!


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