Thursday, July 25, 2013

baby girl summer style.

baby girl summer style.

baby girl summer style. by misformoxie featuring a sleeveless pleated dress

One of the hands-down BEST parts of being an aunt is spoiling the hell out of the little ones. I am fortunate enough to claim two adorably precious, rough-and-tumble nephews, and the most gorgeous, giggly niece in the world.  I take great pride in finding the most fashionable of duds for them. And when sweet Emma came along in February, I lunged at the opportunity to finally, finally buy some girl stuff. Mama, I am not--but I still get beyond excited to dress them up! Here are my favorites for summer time:

1. Dresses. girly, feminine, pink, ruffly sundresses. bloomers are always a welcome part of the equation. and I love a great boho print.
2. Baby shoes are among the most precious items in the fashion world. I think Toms are a quintessential item in a baby wardrobe, and the glitter, boat shoe and Mary Janes are just precious. Saltwater sandals have really boomed in popularity (I want a pair!), and the fringe booties are amazing. Can't you see them paired perfectly with that navy Mexican dress?
3. Ralph Lauren. Let's face it--anything with the telltale horse logo sort of screams "classy" and "Americana." Babes in Polo are basically shoo-ins for success.
4. Graphic tees and fun print leggings. Okay... disclaimer: I am so, so over most of the phrase-tees. BO-ring. However, I really think there's something so sweetly simplistic about a basic cotton pairing of polka dots and a baby t-shirt.
5. Swimwear! I am not huge on babies in bikinis (sorry 'bout it), but I really think teeny girls in strappy swimwear is the portrait of adorable. I really, really love the peplum Gap floral number. 

My favorite stops are definitely Gap/Old Navy, Carter's, Boden and Target... J. Crew has the occasional deal, but honestly--what about baby + cashmere sounds like a fabulous idea to you?? And what about you? Where do you snag baby duds?

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