Tuesday, July 23, 2013

deep breath--whoa.


Summer is kicking my ass... in the best possible way. I am dumbfounded that the weeks have flashed by so blazingly quickly, and here we are... nearly August? On the other hand, I've been MIA from this little place because I've been living my life, a la Rihanna (the lyrics--not the domestic abuse and bizarre hair cut situations). While we haven't knocked out all of my prime summer to-do's, we've been tearing a lot of others up.

We trekked to the drive-in movie to see The Lone Ranger... a first for little man and a definite nod to my childhood back home.

  We popped into the Frist for the Sensuous Steel art deco car exhibit--in a word? Unreal. We definitely want to go back before it leaves in September.


  Via gratuitous selfie, I officially embraced the humidity on my curls, but decided I'm so over the ombre.

We swung by the Imogene + Willie garage sale, in true local fashion. Pun intended.

I took a barre class and fell in love. I totally get the addiction. I finally got Maizie microchipped. We sped off to Charleston for a fabulous weekend getaway. We moved (ugh), but are getting settled into a charming (truly) casa (and my commute is nearly cut in half!)--lots of projects and painting on the horizon, and I'm genuinely thrilled.

 Moving announcements!

Independence Day fireworks (over steak) from the comfort of our driveway.

Maizie taking in the front yard from her new perch.

J playing apprentice to Sean's ceiling fan install. 
Bait 'em with a cookout, land some extra hands.

Continuing a tradition of nightly coffee sharing... and a new love for the Island Coffee vue cups. 
Long live the Keurig.

More home improvement. And watching from the comfort of the bed.

Maizie's first trip to Lowe's! Her opinion was integral in selecting ceiling fans.

We saw the Avett Brothers perform (phenomenal), we saw Ellie Goulding (the Ryman was great, her show was great--not too overwhelmed), and just last night, we saw The Wild Feathers (smitten). I've been working a lot, nannying a lot--celebrated little one's 4th birthday last week--and it was fit for the princess she is. We've been eating a little too well--lots of amazing restaurants, but more grilling out than I've ever been exposed to in one summer. We've hit up the farmer's market, we've celebrated birthdays, we've laughed and laughed and laughed.

The office life.


My new favorite place.


Barista Parlour -- an experience. The brewing is a science and the sausage biscuit was one of the best breakfast dishes I've ever put in my mouth.

Brunch at Marche, an old favorite.


Husk -- ho-hum reviews for dinner, but an amazing post-church brunch. The Texas Blue Step (boozy libation) was superb... and the French toast is an obvious win. 
ST's steak and eggs didn't disappoint either.

I reiterate: lots of grilling out. Swordfish and steak and haricots verts 
and baked potatoes this past weekend.
The man is a grillmaster.

Burgers on the patio!

Yet another grill feast... where we just sort of kept adding dishes. And adding some more. 
A summer equivalent to Thanksgiving, if you will.

And of course, lots and lots of irreplaceable girl time (including FINALLY getting to gab with and hug my favorite Memphis girl!)

CB's fabulous birthday weekend, Clueless screening on the couch with blankets and pups. 
And champs.

Downtown for more birthday festivities.

Entertaining taxi ride home with my girls... you can't fathom how much I adore them.

Loving on Whit! Finally. So glad she popped into town for a mere day, and anxiously awaiting
 and planning her return!

Post grill-fest coma grins.

My posse at CF's birthday, Pomodoro East.


CB's highly-acclaimed puppy massage. Lucky Maiz is a frequent patron.

Riveting game of SNL Trivial Pursuit (I won. and yes, I was Leon Phelps).

Playing at Guitar Center... as if he needs another one.

Am I interrupting something?

Happy Birthday to little man!!! We celebrated with lots of presents and chocolate ganache.

It's been an amazing summer.

And it's not over yet!

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