Friday, July 26, 2013

on blogging.

I've thought a lot lately about how blogging has evolved. I mean, I recall the days of Xanga, and how the crop of us recent high school grads yammered on and on about how stressful college life was, OMG. How relevant.

And then there was a transition to the more serious--heartfelt thoughts on life, thought-provoking, usually legitimately good writing. That phase was short-lived.

Then came the Mommy Bloggers. And the Fashion Bloggers. Home Design Bloggers. And then suddenly, everyone blogged. It was irritating for a bit--being a writer. Just being inundated with blog after blog after blog--many of which didn't contain grammatically correct sentences or much conversation outside of a stream of photos--it was frustrating. What happened to this side thing, this outlet that I had loved? 

And year after year, it dawned on me that blogging isn't writing. The term "blog" means "web + log," which translates to me as a sort of virtual scrapbook. I still cringe a little at the misspellings, but at the end of the day, they're two separate beasts. You can be a great writer and blog too--but they're not synonymous. And the beautiful thing about blogging? You can write about whatever the hell you want. That's the beauty of it... you eventually navigate the way to your audience, snuggle down into your niche, and spill your heart out about whatever is on your mind. 

I never really had a focus when I began my first blog... I loved to write, and I used the first one mainly to stay in touch with family and friends who weren't near me. Slowly, it became a combination of my personal life and the things that I love. And while there might not be a snappy, succinct label for that (I guess "Lifestyle Blogger" would have to be it), I like it. It's me. It fits. I'm an open book, but yet my mind is constantly tumbling down the Road of Life at a million miles an hour. I love staying active, I love staying busy, I love decorating, and traveling, and eating, and loving my people. It just so happens that that's the exact category that so many of you fit into too. It works for us.

I blog because I just love it... I love the outlet, I love the community, I love the things it's taught me about myself. There's no telling what this little space will shape-shift into in the future. But for now, I love where it means to me, I love where it's headed.

Why do you blog?


  1. LoVeD xAnGa. HiGh sChoOL fOr mE. LyLaS.

  2. I blog because I have found many real friendships from it! I have found so much support with my running, and I've found people that really, truly care.

  3. Love this post. Well said!


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