Wednesday, July 24, 2013

royally loved.

Confession: I was never really hyped up over the engagement and wedding of Prince William and the illustrious Kate Middleton. Sure, she's flawlessly gorgeous, and who doesn't love a wedding--especially amidst royalty... but I didn't set multiple alarms at 4 am to watch (okay, I did watch though). When her pregnancy was announced, again, just thought, "this is what tends to happen," and moseyed along. However, over the past couple of weeks, I've been really captivated with Baby Watch 2k13. I may or may not have watched via livestream yesterday... via two sources (thanks, BHB), and when the new parents emerged from the Lindo Wing doors, I got goosebumps. Happy all over.

They're just about as elevated from us common folk as possible, but their obvious joy and exhaustion--like any new parent--was splayed across their grins. It warmed my heart to see their obvious happiness, to know how much their lives will change, and yes, as cliche as it sounds, how proud Mama Diana would be of this moment. And I thought it was completely heart-warming that Kate chose the Jenny Packham polka dots to mirror what Mama Diana wore when debuting baby Prince William. Such a seemingly small gesture, but yet, so resoundingly beautiful.

So, all that to say... while I haven't been aboard the RSS Royal Couple so far, suffice to say, I'm hopping on now. I found myself googling her outfits (love her classic style), that hair (no explanation necessary), and their giddy affection towards each other--a staunch difference from what Princess Diana and Prince Charles represented.

In all of my google-questing, I learned that Kate isn't technically a princess, just like Diana wasn't. Did you know that? Am I the last to figure that one out?

So, while I'm interested to hear what the baby will be called (no directional homage here, Kimye), but how tired are you of hearing people ask that? On TV, the radio, the Internet?

Back to the topic at hand, I am just elated for them, and more than ever, (nerd alert:) learning more about the processes of the monarchy and what their actual responsibilities are.

And what dress/boots/coat she's wearing. Obvi.

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