Wednesday, August 21, 2013

coconut oil: you're doing it wrong.

I've recently become sucked into the coconut oil trance. While its health benefits have been debated, it's a wonder potion for beauty tasks. I use it as a moisturizer, primarily (it also effectively treats keratosis pilaris!), but it's fantastic for deep conditioning your hair, massaging into dry cuticles, can be used as a lip balm or shaving cream, removes finicky eye makeup... and some use as a face cream (I can't attest to that, as I am wary of aggravating my notoriously sensitive skin). It's not nearly as oily as baby oil, and smelling like a macaroon all day isn't too bad.


This morning could aptly be titled: "What NOT To Do After Applying Coconut Oil."

Post-shower, I diligently applied my beloved new go-to all over, and then immediately proceeded to begin the ever tedious blow-drying-of-the-hair process. Bad idea. My tendency to shed like a house cat proved to be further annoying as errant strands latched onto my oily skin. Na-sty. I hate random strands of hair. Yes, even my own.

Once I recovered, I began the styling session. As I rolled my hair with my 2" curling iron, it still looked a little damp in a spot or two. Upon closer inspection, I realized my greasy mitts must have grazed my mane a little too much, as I now boasted a deep conditioner that would have to endure the day. Awesome.

I hurriedly made my way to the ironing board to smooth out my white pants and kelly green cardigan combination. As I steamed and shifted the iron before me, the previously-thought-to-be-absorbed oil on my arms started glistening. Fantastic... the steam had reinvigorated the oil, thus, prolonging my getting-ready process.

No, none of this is life-threatening, but had I:

a) waited until the oil was totally soaked into my skin,
or better yet,
b) completed these tasks prior to diving into the oil,

I'd be a lot better off. Less stress, coupled with saving about 10 minutes in the morning routine? Always a win.

So do yourself a favor: learn from my mistakes.

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  1. Lolz. I often have issues with Morning Order... namely, if I put my clothes on before I eat breakfast, I inevitably spill food on them.


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