Friday, August 30, 2013

five on friday.

This past week in Nashville, summer finally got the memo that rainy, 80-degree days aren't really its thing, and I've been savoring the dry heat wave that moseyed on in. The impending Labor Day--and "end" to summer--are looming, but it's still plenty nice enough here in Nashville to indulge in lots of outdoor plans. We'll spend the weekend doing some piddly house projects, and sneaking outside for some sun where we can. What are your Labor Day plans?

I ponder a lot about the things that have changed over the past year of my life. Moving to Nashville doesn't seem like it'd be all that different than where I grew up... aside from the small-town-to-bigger-city transition, Texas and Tennessee share a lot of similarities. And while I've always loved the indie-acoustic-obscure-rock genre of music before I made Nashville home, since I've moved here, I've fallen in love with several bands that I might not have happened upon, if I was still in sleepy small-town Texas (all thanks to my favorite, favorite, favorite radio station).

First and foremost, the Wild Feathers. This group of guys blows me away. Their sound is a seamless blend of rock-meets-country, which works for them, given their Tennessee and Texas (!!!) roots. We saw them perform earlier this summer at a sold-out show, and it was phenomenal. There's something mesmerizing about following a band from its infancy (while they're hardly "infants," they just put out their debut album this month). Think Tom Petty meets Avett Brothers, meets Lynyrd Skynrd. Such a classic Americana sound, and yeah, I've listened to their CD every single day for the past three weeks, alright?

Listen to:
  • "The Ceiling" (their radio single)
  • "Left My Woman" 
  • "If You Don't Love Me"

The Weeks are another sorta-local band that I'm crazy about. They hail from Mississippi, and while their instrumentation is fairly simple, I really love their sound. If I had to label it, I'd say modern Southern Rock, being that a lot of their lyrics pay homage to their backgrounds. I haven't delved too much into their albums, but what I've heard is so ridiculously infectious.

You can't go wrong with:
  • "The House That We Grew Up In"
  • "Brother In The Night"

(*lucky for me, The Wild Feathers AND The Weeks are playing here in a few weeks at Live on the Green! I'm literally counting the days...)

I'd heard of The Head & The Heart before I moved here, but now that I'm a Nashvillian, I hear their jams a lot more frequently. The lead vocalist's voice is like honey, their sound is very coffee-shop-on-a-rainy-afternoon. I live for acoustic anything, and their music has a sweet simplicity that I just keep coming back to. Think early Matt Nathanson or basically anything you'd hear on Sirius's Coffee House.

Listen to:
  • "Lost in My Mind"
  • "Down in the Valley"

Alt-J is a little more eclectic, but I am addicted to them right now. These guys originated in England, which might explain their more worldly sound, but I'm having a really hard time, describing their genre. They incorporate a range of instruments, lots of quirky lyrics and voices--they're truly unlike any other band I know of. I hear them and imagine their tunes in a Zach Braff movie. We're going to see them in September at the Ryman and I'm so, so excited.

I recommend:
  • "Breezeblocks"
  • "Tessellate"

Lord Huron is opening for Alt-J, and I think it's a genius balance. Lord Huron is definitely more of my typical go-to, lots of acoustic-y goodness, very folksy. I can (and have) listen(ed) to their album repeatedly in one day. The lyrics are so well-written and relatable, and all of the music is just so, so good, I get lost in it. Bonus: their lyrics are based on a completely fabricated author's tales of the Wild West--they've even gone to the lengths to maintain a webpage. I love this. They just made their way to the music scene over the past year or so, but I definitely think they're here to stay. I can't get enough.

Listen to:
  • "Time to Run"
  • "The Man Who Lives Forever"

And because I love you so damn much, I put all of these stellar tunes in a playlist for you, so you don't have to go searching for them. Trust me, you'll love them as much as I do.

Maybe not as much. But you'll definitely appreciate.

Be sure to tell me what you think!

And Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. This post could not have come at a better time. I am desperate for some new music! Listening to your playlist right now and it is making my work day much better.
    Thank you!


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