Friday, August 9, 2013

five on friday.

How was your week? It was a bit of a challenge pretty damn tough to get readjusted to reality here in Nashville after my fabulous weekend home, but I managed to survive to another weekend! I've linked up with Natasha, Darci, Christina and April, and you should too!

Here are a couple of things swimming around in my head, as of late...

five on friday 2.
1.  Live On The Green--a Nashville tradition--began last night! LOTG is a (free) six-week concert series here that features mostly local acts, but several big names as well (Alabama Shakes and Wallflowers were some of the players last summer). I didn't go last night, because I am gearing up for some later on... like Matt Nathanson, Erin McCarley (fellow Baylor girl!) and The Mowgli's next week,  Michael Franti, Leagues, The Weeks, Wild Feathers. Obvi. I can't wait.

2. My favorite aunt sent me back to Nashville with one of the best candles ever... isn't it funny how something so simple can put you right back at home?

3. Baylor football kicks off in just a matter of weeks and this girl is just a teensy bit excited. To prep for what is assured to be a kick-ass upcoming season, I snagged this shirt last weekend at my beloved Congress Clothing.

4. This story just ripped my heart out this week, being the bleeding heart dog lady that I am. As a direct result, I've been tuning into the livestream every couple of hours... I just can't resist watching these precious fuzzballs nip each other and snugs.

5. We've been revamping a lot of the house lately. Can you say overwhelming? I think, if anything, I've learned that the best possible process is to go room-by-room. And buy things like this punchy ottoman for the living room.

What's going on with you lately?

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