Monday, August 19, 2013

perfecting the art of the weekend.

If there's one thing we've perfected this summer, it's gotta be the way we've tackled the weekends. I eagerly anticipate autumn more and more with every passing year, but as each week draws nearer to Labor Day and the impending fall, I find myself pretty sad to bid adieu to summertime. We managed to sneak away to Charleston for a perfect little vacation, packed up and moved across town, started tackling our new house with lots of projects, sampled some new restaurants, hosted lots of grillfests, celebrated a few birthdays, seen a few shows and logged an abundance of lazy, porchtime hours. I jetted off to Texas to see my posse back home, have dived into Junior League and laughed until I hurt with my precious girlfriends. And this past weekend was no exception.

One of my dear college friends came into town Thursday for a grand tour of Nashville. We initiated her into the group by lounging downtown for Live on The Green (we missed Erin McCarley, which bummed me out a little, The Mowglis were a little unimpressive, and I really enjoyed Matt Nathanson), complete with food trucks (Puckett's!) and brewskis.


Friday, KA and I shopped the day away at every worthy establishment, indulged at Burger Up, then rested up before heading to Silo to meet the rest of the girls.

 It was incredible. It's always incredible.

Soon enough, we met the boys downtown for some honky tonking. Complete with bull rides.


And karaoke.


And so. much. fun...



...until 4 am (please note the stellar percussionist in the background. He was unreal.)

Saturday, ST took us to Mitchell's--one of my newfound favs. We shopped in Franklin for the afternoon, then had an impromptu grillfest at our casa... because, why not? The man knows how to grill.

CS passed out after making the best guacamole I've ever had.


 ...and we all retired to the living room for a racy version of some Scrabble.

Obviously ST won.

After church on Sunday, we tried out M Restaurant for the first time. And we'll definitely be returning--so good.


 Best Bloody Mary ever. Ever ever ever.

We reluctantly put KA on a plane home, snuck in some lazy Sunday afternoon snugs before heading off to a church meeting, and then finally, Breaking Bad night at C&J's. 

All of this--THIS--is what life is all about, am I right? Indulging in fabulous food, enjoying some shopping, yes--but more than anything, constantly surrounding yourself with the warmest, most endearing of friends who, before you know it, become your family.

And believe me, I know just how lucky we are to have stumbled into this incredible batch of people.

Here's to a few more fantastic weekends of summertime!!

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