Friday, September 6, 2013

five on friday + backthatazzup.

It's that time again! We made it to another weekend, thank the Lord. Two glorious days of nearly no plans... except babysitting, brunch, church, gym. I guess you could say I've sort of lost my skill of relaxing. It's been rough this week, ladies... work is busier than ever, I'm homesick like you wouldn't believe, and wanting to kick back and welcome fall (I tried with my candles and mums last weekend), but my head is just swimming with my endless to-do's.

What do you do to clear your head and relax?

1. I just ordered a fitbit and got it today. I'm already obsessed. My innate drive for competition has been reinvigorated and I am finding myself hopping up from my office to refill my camelbak way more than normal. It's kind of awesome.

2. In other news, we're having the living room and kitchen painted this weekend... praise Jesus. The circa-1966 paneling and ornate carving of the cabinets needs to go, like yesterday. Orrrr, like early-1990s, but I'm willing to settle for this weekend. 

Our new-old house has been an adjustment, but now that we're really getting settled in, I'm loving it. My commute is cut in half, our neighborhood is so quaint and quiet, we're closer to downtown and damn near everything really worth trekking out for. I mean, nothing screams ADULTHOOD like being excited about the symmetrical stripes in your perfectly-mowed lawn. But hey, here I am.

3. Have you seen "Orange Is The New Black?" I finally drank the Kool-Aid and wrapped up watching that recently. Yes, it's about chicks in prison. Yes, it's pretty vulgar and raunchtastic. Yes, it's amazing. While I never got into Weeds (same creator), I definitely recommend OITNB. If you've got Netflix, hunker down this weekend for a marathon. You're welcome.

4. So, I've been dutifully reading up on LC's nutrition tips and have fallen in love with
protein shakes. I know, I know... so very Hulk Hogan, but I am thinking my recent discovery will help combat my late afternoon munchies and what not. I've been more diligent about being conscious of what I'm eating (and upping the green factor!) but I haven't felt a huge difference in my energy level or metabolism. I think this will do the trick, and I'll keep you posted.

5. So, you've been privy to my endless playlists as of late, but I've been reading Whitney's blog for a while now and "backthatazzup Friday" series has me hooked--another opportunity to throw some jams out there!  I've been obsessed with The Weeks (local band!). The lead vocalist's voice just melts me... and I'm such a sucker for their nostalgic lyrics. CANNOT WAIT to see them next week with the Wild Feathers!!! Can't even tell you how excited I am.

 I cannot, cannot, cannot get enough.

What are your weekend plans??


  1. I am a proteinaholic!!! Meats, eggs, beans, dairy... gimme.

  2. Loved your blog!!! My week has been crazy to... Crystal Michelle - CrystalMichellesMess.com

  3. Love "orange is the new black.' My hubby and I watched it almost every night!! I think its pretty clever and funny.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I loved Orange is the New Black too! Not quite my style for TV usually, but my husband and I binge watched them all!

  5. Yay, fitbit! I couldn't find you through 'Facebook' on there, add me jdedmon@ouhsc.edu - I absolutely love it, welcome!


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