Friday, September 20, 2013

five on friday + backthatazzup.

Happy Friday!!!! Praise Jesus.

Once again, I'm pairing up with all of these girls to have a little Five on Friday party. And no, before you ask, there's absolutely no theme at all mirrored by the following bullet points... more of a stream of consciousness situation.

1. The new iphone is officially up for grabs today. While I think the gold 5s is all kinds of sleek and gorgeous, I am not chomping at the bit to replace my current phone. I am of the opinion that the annual September rush to get your mitts on the latest and greatest died a while back... so many people have iphones now, and while the bells and whistles obviously get snazzier with each new model, I guess there's only so much that can excite me. Like, the touch screen security feature? Whatever. I'm digging the way the new operating system looks (although I haven't updated mine just yet--but not for lack of trying--I've no freaking room due to my incessant photo hoarding), but that's pretty miniscule. So I'm left wondering if the cycle of new products isn't exciting enough, if I've matured (ha!) beyond the point of caring about such things, or a mix of both. Hmm... conundrum.


 What's your take on the new iphone?  Do you plan to get one?

2. In utterly materialistic news, I am completely obsessed with this watch from Target (!!!). Might have to order that puppy this weekend.

3. All of our ongoing house hell projects have me back in my design and decor fever. I have over 4000 home decor posts sitting in my reader right now--I guess you could say that's definitely a one true love of mine. I stumbled across these photos this week and just totally fell in love. Just enough symmetry, just enough haphazard color and artistry. Love the boho vibe of the first two, but the third photo is way, way my style. Classic style with lots of unexpected twists. Love it.

4. I have been ogling this travel bag... I think it'd be the perfect carry-on for NYC! And at that price?! Ummmm... yes.

Have you ever bought from Sole Society?

5. Tomorrow, I'm heading to the Alt-J show at the Ryman... where Lord Huron is opening! Not even kidding when I say I'm more excited to see Lord Huron. Hands down, one of the best parts of living in Nashville is the bustling concert calendar. I've always loved my indie music, but moving here has really taken it to a crazy level.

...and how spectacular that this ties in with Whit's backthatazzup.

I hope you have a fabulously relaxing, wonderful weekend!

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