Tuesday, September 17, 2013

touchy feely.

For one reason or another, I started thinking this morning about all of the stuff I routinely mess with, the things I can't live without. Yeah, not rocket science, and most are painfully obvious (ahem... iphone), but 'tis still a fun game to play.

things to touch

  1. only the best drugstore mascara evah evah... shoutout to BHB for sharing this cosmetic gold with me. 
  2. my beloved clarisonic. while I don't use her everyday, it's definitely an every-other-day indulgence. nothing rivals a squeaky clean face. and I mean nothing.
  3. maybooks. oh my gosh, can't sing their praises enough. I carry a minimum of two in my purse and have a stack in my nightstand at home. so adorable. so convenient.
  4. that thing which I can't decide is ruining or making my life.
  5. my favorite, favorite necklace ever. one of my BFFs back home surprised me with it before I moved to Nashville and I wear it every single day.
  6. the trusty camelbak. I have quite the growing collection of these puppies, but I tend to favor my green one as it's a little bigger than the rest.
  7. my precious teeny fitbit!  newest addiction... can't help but skip around the office to burn off some cals in the middle of the morning. especially if I've already had second breakfast.
  8. I've loved rosebud salve forever, but cramming the junk in a tube was genius. no more sticky fingers. and the mint variety is perfect.
  9. king keurig! one of the first things I do every single morning is plop my mug under this baby and brew away. I know it's not the most practical concept, but it beats the hell out of the aroma of a forgotten half pot of coffee.
  10. le pens are my favorite, and I have them everywhere. I work with them, write letters with them, keep them in my purse. the colors add just enough fun to an otherwise awful task.
  11. my sweet precious fluff nugget Maizie. obvi.

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  1. ditto on the coffee, iphone, mascara, and lip balm!!


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