Friday, November 22, 2013

five on friday + backthatazzup.

Happy Friday!!!! The fifth and final day of the work week is always well-received, but today, I'm a little more excited than usual. Linking up with these fine ladies once more...

1. It's my birthday weekend and I am giddy. I just love birthdays... and yeah, especially my own. We have a slew of adult-ish activities planned, complete with a couple of dinners, lots of champs and lots of friends. This is my first birthday in Nashville (last year, I spent it at home with my fam as it was so close to Thanksgiving), and I just feel so, so grateful to be doing life in Nashville with the posse of fine people I have surrounding me. I really have it made. 28 is going to be so good to me, I can feel it.

[stumbled across on pinterest].

2. I know I've blogged about my obsession with the Kennedys before, I'm certain. I've been really reflective today on the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination about all of the utter chaos and trauma that family has endured. Last night, ST and I watched "Parkland," after eagerly anticipating it for a few months. Critics weren't too kind, as it was released in theaters in October, and is available on demand now... but we both really enjoyed it. I've never really imagined how much the impression of Dallas was tainted by that entire tragedy, or some of the quirks behind the investigation. I would definitely recommend it.

3. We saw "About Time" earlier this week at the theater... hands down, definitely recommend it! Just an exceptional date night movie--be prepped for some tears. Rachel McAdams can do no wrong, and while the story line seems far-fetched, the bottom-line message truly just tugs at your heart and leaves you thinking. I'm still pondering it, two days later. Go see it this weekend.

4. You've most likely seen this little right vs. left brain test floating around, but I wanted to pass it along to you in the instance you haven't... and yep. I'm still very much right-brained.

5. And in utterly materialistic and embarrassing fashion, I have to admit that after seeing this photo of how adorable Kourtney looks in her olive green toboggan, I just have to have an olive green toboggan for my impending weekend in New York City!

We're off to see the Wild Feathers (again!) tonight, and I have been jamming out to them all day, in preparation. In honor of that,here's you a little back that azz up entertainment (thank you for the prompt, Ms. Whit!)

What are your weekend plans?? I hope whatever you're up to and wherever you are, you have a fabulous few days!

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  1. completely agreed on about time! it was SO GOOD. i expected it to be a solid, awesome chick flick (bc..like you said..rachel mcadams..goddess, duh)...but it was so much deeper than that!! LOVED IT. absolutely cried!!!

    happy weekend, girl! xx


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