Tuesday, November 5, 2013

just some things.


So, the good news is that my absence can be attributed to me living life. I haven't had a single night of nothingness for the past several weeks, and while the bebopping around is definitely my thing, I'm really bummed at the idea of having "missed" October. Now that life is slowing down, I plan to show up here a little more often if I can manage to navigate through daily life. So... you're welcome.

I'll recap a little on life shortly, but until then, here is a collection of singularly-interesting-to-me-but -completely-unrelated-and-unworthy-of-dedicated-posts items...

  • I have recently discovered the allure of checking out kindle books at the library! OMG. Why did I never do this before?? I am currently engrossed in Amanda Knox's story, and our book club is hitting up Orange is The New Black right now. Have you read anything worth recommending lately?
  • I love this post on How to Taste Beer Like A Pro. As if I needed a coach.
  • eBay has been far too kind to me lately. I loved this for the fall wardrobe, but spent a whopping $4 and settled on this. Likewise, I love the boho aztec-y cardigan rage, but wasn't about to spend the major scrilla on a polyester blend trend. So I summoned the eBay gnomes and found this puppy. Bargains are where it's at, ladies.
  • While it won't keep you warm, this top is just so romantic and ethereal.
  • I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Kennedy's, and therefore really critical of any sort of "entertainment" piece created around them... however, I am really eager to see Parkland.And not just because of Mr. Efron. 
  • The oldest lady in Texas passed away recently. Made me sad.
  • For all you traveling babes, here's Southern Living's comprehensive list of the top 100 places to eat now. I've got about 10 knocked out... what about you?
  • This site never ceases to crack me up. And as a newbie graphic design nerd, I love all the pretty print.
  • Nothing gets me giddy like a personality test

How have you been lately? How's November treating you? (NOVEMBER, WHAT?)

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  1. That photo drew me right in to this post and I seem to have decided that I must own a compass now.

    Funny that you say you've been absent. I also talk a little break from blogging, just because I wanted to focus on living my life without having to write about it too. I just posted my first post in a month today. It was nice to take a break, but it's good to be back too!



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