Monday, December 30, 2013

nyc recap.

New York.... ohhhhh, New York. Yes, this trip was nearly a month ago now, forgive me. Life happens.

No doubt, if we keep up with one another via insta/twitter, you've caught bits of the adventure we experienced on our little girls' trip in December. And for the sake of storytelling, I'll reiterate a semi-short version of it.

First of all, we'd planned this trip for months. Four girls, taking on the big city--cramming as much as possible into a mere three-and-a-half days. We didn't really leave room for potential disaster (who really does?)... so needless to say, when it arose, we weren't immediately equipped to handle the drama. But, ever the versatile crew that we are, we made an adventure out of it all and in the end, it made for quite the fabulous story.

Thursday morning, CB heads over to my house to pick me up on the way to the airport. BW was already en route to NYC from Atlanta, and CP would be making her way later in the day. We arrived to the airport in plenty of time, proceeded to go through the mundane motions of air travel. And then we sat on the plane for a half hour. Then an hour. Okay, now an hour-and-a-half. Word was that the fog at LaGuardia was insane, so we were delayed. Actually, pretty much any poor soul flying to the east coast that morning was delayed. Poor BW was diverted to Philly for house and CP was stuck in a routine of being bumped from one cancelled flight to the next in Raleigh. We were stuck. Like, really stuck. We deplaned and waited to hear more...

CB and I finally got the bottom line that our flight was canceled. We scurried to be rebooked, only to get lost in the shuffle of a hundred other people. I raced to the closest Southwest desk to try to secure us on a flight to nearby Newark. CONFIRMED! Aaaaand, within minutes that one was canceled as well. By that time, CB had made a new friend who needed to make her way to Brooklyn, so we invited her to tag along with us. We scrambled to formulate a game plan, and just decided Baltimore seemed like a relatively close metropolitan area that was unfazed by the weather. Done.

So we're all three confirmed on the flight... and I google to see the driving distance. Only three-and-half hours! (oops). Easy as pie. We set out to rent a car (trains were too spency) and called CP in Raleigh to tell her to jet on over to Baltimore. By the grace of God, we were able to get her landing in Baltimore within half an hour of our own flight. Finally, some good luck. People tell us we were crazy... we really just knew this was the solution.

We arrived in Baltimore, grabbed our snazzy Nissan Murano and made the trek to Brooklyn. I can now say I've driven the Jersey Turnpike ($43 in tolls later). The drive into the city was nothing short of magical, truly. All of the lights, and all of the bustle were worth the hell we'd waded through during the day. We dropped our new friend off at her destination in Brooklyn and moseyed to Astoria to drop our rental so we could finally get to BW at the hotel. Only, the Enterprise station was basically abandoned. We call the hotel to learn of their astronomical overnight parking rate before deciding to drive to our original destination of LaGuardia, cab it to the hotel and finally, finally, finally start the party in our room just shy of midnight (we missed seeing The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, which was pretty disappointing, but in the end, we were happy campers).

We grabbed a drink in our amazing hotel, stayed out until about 3, exploring our 'hood and eating the greasiest, most delectable NY-style pizza. We hit the ground running in the (drizzly) morning, hitting up the New York Public Library, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and grabbing Shake Shack for lunch. We navigated the subway like champs, drank way too much Starbucks, and headed back to the hotel to rest up before our dinner at Hardings. Pre-din, I thankfully got to finally meet up with my favorite New York girl for some stellar drinks, and even better conversation.

Dinner was fabulous (free drinks! first time feasting on clams!), and we bravely skipped through 8 blocks of freezing rain to get back to our hotel (see black and white pic of us looking like drowned rats. albeit adorable rats). Who knew that getting a cab on a Friday night in the pouring rain would be difficult? Ha. We giggled the night away before nodding off in the early hours of the morning.

Saturday morning, we braved Macy's on 34th before heading to hop on the Staten Island Ferry to take in a different view of Lower Manhattan. We traipsed around Battery Park and gazed at the 9/11 memorial. We hopped back on the subway to head to Brooklyn for Grimaldi's, for what very well could have been the most eventful, entertaining meal of my life. The owner fell in love with us, playing an album of Johnny Cash for the entire restaurant upon hearing a few of us hailed from Nashville. He even put the Baylor game on for me! (word to the wise: don't go to NYC to watch a college football game. If and when you yell at the TV, patrons will glare at you as if you are a carrier of the plague). We noshed on our complimentary cannoli's before Chris bid us farewell and we trekked up to Soho for some shopping. Marvin the Uber drive got an earful from BW when he tried to pull the wool over our eyes, but we finally made our way up to Dylan's Candy Bar for some sweets, met a wonderful Russian cab driver who taught CB a thing or two, and then back to our hotel in Midtown to order take-out and watch SNL (we considered waiting in line for tickets, but upon hearing that people had been in line all week waiting on One Direction and Paul Rudd, we thought the better of it).

Sunday, BW and CP had to skip off for the early flights home, so CB and I continued our morning tradition of grabbing coffee from our hotel's fabulous coffee bar, and hitting the pavement to see as much more as we could force into our last day in the city. We got lost in the mesmerizing views at the Top of the Rock. We spent a while silently walking through the exquisite beauty of St. Patrick's Cathedral. We indulged in a nostalgic trip back to our childhoods with a brief stop at the American Girl Store. We dipped into Bendel's and fell completely in love with everything, before heading to Central Park for a little rickshaw tour. I hurriedly made my way back to the hotel so I could catch my flight home... and after some delays and snow, I made it back to Nashville. It was the biggest whirlwind of a trip, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I was so fortunate to be exploring this city with three fantastic girls who I adore. We walked miles and miles everyday, like giddy little sponges, soaking up every ounce of the city we could grasp. Needless to say--everyone knew we weren't from around there. We had some insanely entertaining cab rides, CB almost got her ass kicked on the subway, BW could've married the owner of Grimaldi's, we learned some Russian, drank a lot, a LOT of coffee, and fell completely in love with one of the most fascinating and architecturally gorgeous, richly historical cities in the world. I will definitely be heading back...

...when it's warmer.

 grand central.

 top of the rock. unbelievable.

central park.

(My pano feature got lots of action on this little vacay.)

Until next time, New York...

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  1. Yay I see me!! !I'm so glad you all had such a fabulous time. And yes - come back when it's WARMER :)


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