Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You've most likely seen the countless blog posts dedicated toward one-word summations of what fellow bloggers plan for, expect for their 2014s. I enjoyed reading them enough, but didn't really hone my focus in on any one particular word--mostly due to lack of trying. One of my dearest friends in the world asked me, point blank--what would my word be? I've considered her question for the past few weeks, and lots of words swim through my mind. The one that continues to surface is "deliberate."

So many of my days are all-consumed with the rush of routine. An endless series of checklists, leaving little room for spontaneity, or better yet, savoring the here and now. If I could hope for one thing in 2014, it would be to be deliberate. To consciously commit to what I'm doing--whatever that may be--and do it so, so well. Full of love, full of attention. Methodically and carefully--embracing the process as much as the hopeful outcome. The few times I've actually done this in life, I feel like I've benefited from it--just slowing down and taking it all in, being careful enough to be able to see more than just my standard perspective.

That being said, I skipped over the predictable "resolutions" post most everybody scribed at the beginning of the month. Instead--each month, I want to outline a few things I hope to accomplish then. And do them well.

For February:
  • finish reading The Goldfinch and discuss it with my darling book club girls,
  • blog more... I know everyone says it, but I love this community so much and I really want to commit more of what's floating around in my head to the pages that unfold here,
  • carry on the tradition of sending my annual valentines out,
  • finally, finally, finally clean out my reader (8500 posts and counting...),
  • have one of Maizie's teeth removed, poor baby...
  • tackle my first event in my new role, and own it,
  • make it to pure barre/yoga weekly, at the minimum,
  • plan my next trip home.

What do you need to tackle in the next month or so?

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  1. I love the idea of choosing a word as a focus for resolutions. I think deliberate is such an excellent choice, I may just steal it as my focus for 2014. Being intentional in all of my actions... I think that's wonderful! Best of luck in accomplishing your January goals!


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