Friday, January 3, 2014

five on friday. {new year's edition!]

Here we go: resolution time. I am torn when it comes to making them--there's the camp that claims if you wanted to accomplish something, you could do it at any time. They say, what's holding you back? But I think there's a bigger part of me that really treasures the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Start over. Do it right. I love the anticipation of January and trying to channel the bleakness of the nasty weather and usually underwhelming calendar into something more favorable. I've got a lengthy, lengthy list going... and I'll share some soon enough. But in the spirit of Five on Friday (thanks to these four awesome girls), here are some little things on my mind when I think of what I want out of 2014.

1. calligraphy


Okay, so this is two-fold: I've been fascinated with the art of hand-lettering for as long as I can remember, but I really love the no boundaries of graphic design. I haven't exactly figured it out yet, but I want to delve into this more this year--whether that means to take a class, or research it on my own, or jump into the calligraphy guild. My hope is that soon enough, I'll be scrawling my snail mail with an elegance I never knew possible... and/or pointing and clicking my way to graphic gold.

 2. gratitude letters


True life: I actually thought of this idea last year and never even started with it. Fantastic track record. This year, it's happening. Each week, I'm going to write a letter to someone in my life whom I'm grateful for. I think gratitude is something that's so yearned for, and yet seldom clarified. Years later, I still remember the most mundane of compliments, or the simplest of gestures--all because someone else went out of their way to act. My version of this is putting it on paper, just how grateful I am.

3. feel healthy again.


 I did a better job this year than I had in years past, but 2014 will be even better. I fell prey to a ridiculously overwhelming schedule for the past 12 months, coupled with bouts of laziness here and there. Lucky for me, Nashville is teeming with activity at every corner. I loved yoga when I got into it several years ago, and I've recently really gotten sucked into the Pure Barre craze. I still have a gym membership that--until last month--would probably be better suited as a monthly charitable donation. I'd love to run the Country Music Half this year (and it's not out of my mind yet!), but I want to feel like I can manage it--I want to feel strong again. I'm making a diligent effort to set aside time for staying active--because I feel my best when I am, and I feel happiest when I'm moving.

 4. dominate that ukelele.

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Laugh all you want. I'm going to master that thing. I love the whimsical tinny strum of a uke, and as you know, ST got me one last summer. Needless to say, its purpose for the past year has basically been that of untraditional home decor, living on a shelf in our guitar room. Not anymore. By summer, I want to be channeling my inner Jack Johnson and providing the jams for our grillfest.

Okay, so not really that far. But I want to learn!

 5. travel more!


This is such a generic, overused goal, but I mean it. I was so fortunate to have been able to escape from my bubble to explore a little this past year, and I am already in scheming mode for the next year. I'm thinking somewhere beachy in the spring with ST, Portland/Seattle in early summer with the girls, Chicago, Boston, maybe a return to Charleston... and definitely some pop-ins to Texas along the way. Obvi.

What is on your short list for the new year?


  1. Good goals! I LOVE Jack Johnson, so I am all about number 4!

  2. what a fun list! my sister and i recently registered for i still love calligraphy's online class and i'm eager to get started! another option for you to check out :)


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