Wednesday, January 15, 2014

here we go!

I've been anticipating today for weeks... first day at the new job! I'm feeling an erratic span of emotions--bittersweet at the thought of leaving my old office and dollface office mate, but I honestly cannot remember ever having been so excited to start a job. It's just exactly where I want to be. The process to get here was long and ran me ragged sometimes, but I made it. And I'm proud... and I am just so, so happy.

I know everyone's job experiences are different... some people never have a job they hate, or have to maneuver a difficult co-worker. Some people bounce from unsatisfying role to unsatisfying role and look at a job as a mere income. I define myself largely by the work that I do, and am all kinds of relieved and grateful that through all the BS, all of the undue (and due) stress, and the uncertainty, that I've made it to where I want to be right now.

Those post-collegiate days at the depth of the recession, wondering if I'd ever have a good job.

A few months later, after being laid off, and more realistically worrying if I'd ever get a job at all.

The utter and complete glee when I learned I'd be working for my beloved alma mater.

The mixed emotions of moving to Nashville and leaving Baylor. The rollercoaster the past year-and-a-half has been.

I have the snazzy new title and big office, but it runs so, so much deeper than that. I know it'll be challenging. I know it'll be entirely rewarding. I know it's so right for me... And I'm giddy to report back to you as I experience it all.

Thank you for all of the sweet wishes and thoughts!! I appreciate every single text, tweet, message, note--all of it. You're far too good to me.

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  1. Good luck! I know you will be amazing and totally kick ass!


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