Thursday, January 2, 2014

notes on the year.

january ::: watched a bevy of documentaries, which somewhat resulted in me being sucked into the juicing trend that lasted, oh, all of 2 weeks... maizie donned a shorter 'do... I continued to fall in love with exploring Nashville... while also feeling grateful for the details of my job... met up with some of my sweethearts for NYD brunch... executed one of my favorite decor schemes for an event here on campus... dove headfirst into restaurant week with ST... kept up with my new favorite show.

february ::: sent out my annual handmade valentines (my favorites I've ever done!)... successfully dominated dinner at Lockeland Table... ogled met fellow Texan, Casey James at his show... spent lots of quality time with the boys... had another fantastic event (totally loved these flower arrangements)... logged lots of snuggle time with Maiz... experienced another glorious snow day... missed my Chloe girl back home... gorged on way too many Girl Scout cookies.

march ::: shared Easter brunch with one of my dearest Nashville girls and our boys... met my gorgeous angel baby niece for the first time... trekked back to Texas, where I had our traditional lunch with my girls, took in a gun class with my stepmom, met my best friend's baby gentleman... came back to Nashville for hide-and-seek with Maiz, and a Tristan Prettyman/Anya Marina show with my man.

april ::: still loving our impromptu lunch dates... finally bought a French press... hit up the Ben Rector show with my love... explored Percy Warner Park with CB and our pups... took up the ukelele (ha)... walked in honor of my mom at the annual MS Walk... planned and implemented another successful event... kicked back at happy hour with the girls... logged some TV time with my two favorites.

may ::: the Avett Brothers rocked my world... we indulged in a fancy dinner date for ST's birthday... we impulsively bought a grill and had the first of many grillfests of the season... we savored the last few weeks in our home... the girls and I happy houred before Ellie Goulding... I surprised ST on his birthday with a day totally dedicated to him... my building was renovated and we got snazzy new offices... we celebrated ST's birthday with a hazardously lit chocolate layer cake (that's what happens when you hit 35, I suppose)... exposed Maiz to her first sampling of pup ice cream.

june ::: we escaped to gorgeous Charleston for a fabulous weekend vacation, and sampled every bit of decadent food we could put in our mouths, while taking in all of the lovely sights too... we moved into our new house and slowly--but surely--fell in love... we paused in Charleston to snap the pic that would end up on our Christmas card... celebrated CB's birthday with a romp downtown... started a new tradition of Daddy's Day Donuts... sent out our address announcements... and obviously (working in reverse here), packed up our house before making the big move (Maizie wasn't a huge help. Just a reliable resource for making me smile).

july ::: partied on CS's birthday with a big group dinner and honky tonking (update: this actually happened in august. oops.)... ST and I explored the Frist exhibit of gorgeous, timeless vintage cars... headed to the drive-in with the boys to see The Lone Ranger... celebrated CT's 12th birthday! ... watched the downtown Independence Day fireworks from the comfort of our driveway... saw the Wild Feathers perform for the first time and subsequently fell madly in love... took Maiz on her first trip to Lowe's (she has fabulous taste in home decor)... partook in a few fantastic weekend trips to the Farmer's Market... celebrated CF's birthday with a sweet girls' dinner--and yeah, you guessed it... partying downtown.

august ::: trekked the twelve hours home again for a therapeutic weekend full of friends and family... drank my favorite summertime brew in the backyard I grew up in... loved on my parents brute of a pup... came back to Nashville to host my dear college friend, KA, in our new home--where ST and I took her to brunch after church, after us girls partied at Live on The Green... we actually celebrated CS's birthday with a fab dinner and downtown trip... (back in Texas), I had another fabulous lunch at Shorty's with two of my dearest girls in the world... (back in Nashville), we took KA to one of my favorite restaurants with a group of my fabulous Nashville girlfriends, and finally, I ditched the ombre in favor of something a little more classic.

september ::: CS and her hubby hosted us for our emotional Breaking Bad finale party... Maizie continued her wooing of ST... my Pops got his first iphone and began texting... we skipped off to the Ryman to dance the night away to some Alt-J and Lord Huron... another event under my belt... found my beloved fuchsia lipstick... more saucy texts with Dad (during the Baylor game, natch)... Thursday night summer ritual of Live on the Green with my dolls.

october ::: took sweet cheeks to the Pumpkin Festival, where she was the only most adorable fairy unicorn around... made it home for Baylor Homecoming! where we made it to the game, and again, experienced Shorty's with my gal pals... ST and I braved a late, late weeknight out after a Preds game with our dear pals... CB and I hit up Pure Barre for the first time... we hosted our First Annual BYOP Carving Party... (back in Texas) I had breakfast with my parents at a favorite spot from my childhood... (back in Nashville) Maizers donned her witchy duds for Halloween... and had her sixth birthday!!! (back in Texas) Instead of texting my best friend for three hours of football, we got to sit side by side and snuggle at our beloved Floyd Casey Stadium for another Baylor victory... (back in Nashville) I saw the Lumineers for the second time--fantastic, fantastic show... my first Preds game! I was baptized in the church I love... (back in Texas) more Shorty's snapshots... (back in Nashville) Lumineers at the Ryman... and finally, my fabulous pumpkin carving from our party night.

november ::: my fabulous foursome skipped out of town for a weekend at the lake... back in Nashville, we saw the Wild Feathers again... ST surprised my office girls with macaroons, and me with gorgeous buds for my birthday... my wonderful friends came together to celebrate my 28th in style... we hosted Friendsgiving at our house and ate way, way too much food... just like I drank way, way too many strawberry habanero moonshines on my birthday... more Friendsgiving love... and one more birthday cake (red velvet, obvi), because well? My boyfriend spoils me.

december ::: Maiz helped decorate the tree with her ornament... us girls dove headfirst into NYC... I logged plenty of time in front of our cozy fireplace... we made that drive down to the motherland again, and had Christmas with my hilarious, crazy family... back in Nashville we celebrated together too. We had yet another pretty snow... (back in Texas) we got together for post-church brunch with two of my bests... (back in Nashville) my posse had our annual Christmas fiesta... Maizie admired my handiwork on the tree... (back in NYC) we braved the freezing rain after our fancy dinner out on the town... I finally landed the sweater I was eyeing from J.Crew--at a crazy discount, too... I put together and sent out our Christmas cards... Maiz helped me close the doors on 2013.

wow. 2013, you were really good to me. so good to me. the themes of the year were obviously being surrounded by dear friends and family, lots of hosting parties at hour new house, lots of shows and trips, lots and lots and lots of food. I'm thankful for the hard times--albeit they were few this year--because we made it through, hopefully a little wiser on the other side. And I'm grateful for the laughs.

And there were so, so many laughs.

It was a really good year--and I'm ecstatic about what 2014 will surely bring.

love y'all!

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