Monday, January 6, 2014

week in review.

The first week of 2014 is in the books. I was more eager than I anticipated to get back to work, dive back into my routine. But not without a little fun on the side, right?

New Year's Eve, some of our favorite couples friends gathered at our casa for game night and lots of adult beverages... I couldn't bear the idea of fighting crowds and traffic downtown--cue adulthood, right? We had a total blast and laughed the night away.

The next morning, we hosted everyone for a lazy New Year's Day brunch. Not even going to sugarcoat it, I had a rough time emerging from the comfort and depth of my sheets to fight the champagne hangover and pitter around in the kitchen. It didn't take too long to snap into my element--I'm quite proud of prepping a feast for 10, and it was the perfect time to swap stories from the night before and just spend the first day of the year surrounded by our Nashville people. I loved it.

ST and I saw "American Hustle" later that night.... eh. I enjoyed it, but it was a tad slow. Well-acted, but slow. Redbox it and save your theater time for something better.

Even later that night, we watched the Bears in the Fiesta Bowl... lo siento, 'twas no party. We lost and the season ended and there were tears. But I recovered.

We spent the weekend snuggled up mostly, but managed to get out to see "The Wolf of Wall Street." Holy prostitution. And drugs. And more of all of it. Over and over. For three hours. I love anything with Mr. DiCaprio and his ridiculously mad skillz, but come on. I've read a lot about the person his character portrayed, and it honestly just disgusts me. Before I climb up on my soapbox, I'll just say I'd Redbox this one too. Good movie--fantastic acting, but entirely too long to sit in a theater, what with the excessive flesh viewing and grotesque antics these guys are known for. Interesting story though.

In lighter news, my sweet Maiz got a trim! And now she's in the middle of her token tantrum (for about 48 hours after each and every grooming appointment, she hides under the bed and acts pissy for a bit.)

Have a great Monday!

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  1. We totally opted for the "stay in with friends" for NYE, also. We did watch the news coverage where the guitar dropped on Beale Street (I'm in Memphis), and laughed and snarked on all the wasteyfaces.

    What is it about getting groomed that sends pups into a tiz?! My Sophie does the exact same thing!


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