Tuesday, January 7, 2014

wintertime essentials.

wintertime essentials

wintertime essentials by misformoxie featuring handmade candles

Wintertime is synonymous with "cozy." We all slink into our slouchiest sweats, pile the hair up high and hide away as much as humanly possible until the days finally get longer and bare legs are a presumed occurrence. Now and then, a night out can be a good thing, but mostly, I'm a proud indoors girl when January rolls around.

Here lately, I'm getting by with these gems:

1. only the best moisturizer ever. I'm fortunate to have pretty balanced skin but as I get a little older, I realize how much the frigid temps take their toll. I got a sample in a sephora point bonus kit, and fell totally in love. ST is a big fan too! It leaves my skin feeling completely hydrated and not greasy at all.

2. another sample-turned-staple. I first discovered Atelier via Birchbox several months ago, and ST surprised me with the big version of the Rose Anonyme for Christmas... it fades a little quickly, but it's light and rosy and a definite deviation from my standard fruity aromas. It's fantastic for the cold weather months!

3. capri candles are a favorite--everyone loves the volcano scent more than life. I found this guy on a shopping trip to find some last minute Christmas gifts (fir and firewood). Run to get it while the store still has them--it's a rich, rustic, almost masculine aroma and the rose gold mercury glass is gorgeous lit or unlit. I want a hundred more (sad note: they only carry them in the small size!)

4. essie is my go-to, and I can't praise this hue enough. I love wearing navys (navies?) and greens throughout fall and winter, and this addition to the 2013 collection is amazing. (mind your mittens)

5. I know Frye boots have stamped (ha) their own reputation out in the boot world, but call me some real estate, because I am sold. I finally talked myself into the Melissa Zip Back version last fall, and they still basically look brand new. I read a fashion blogger's take on nicer boots not long ago, and I can totally vouch for it: you can buy a trendy pair (ahem, Steve Madden Intyce anyone?) each season, or invest in a quality pair that will absolutely last for years. I just got the Melissa Trapunto in camel and am obsessed. I love the uniqueness of the marbling and they look fantastic with tights and jeggings. I know they aren't in everyone's budgets, but if you find yourself considering a pair, just do it.

6. Again aboard on the trendy train, I finally bit the bullet and wriggled into some Lululemon. I understand the buzz now, and love these for running andthese are the best for low impact stuff like yoga, and yes, even lounging. getcha some.

what can't you live without lately?

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  1. I love lists of bests/favorite things SO MUCH. Essie Bobbing for Baubles has been everything to my nails this winter. It's very, very similar to Mind Your Mittens from the looks of it. And Clinique Moisture Surge? Ah-mazing. I have pretty boring combination skin - not oily and not dry, but I started using this last year and it's been perfect for me in the winter months.


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