Friday, February 7, 2014

five on friday + #backthatazzup.

Greetings, babydolls!

I hope you've had a spectacular week... I've been UP TO HERE, staying crazy busy, loving my new job and prepping for events this weekend. It's been pretty damn awesome. I'm still in that haze of feeling crazy fortunate to have found myself here. I'll let you know when I jump out of this cloud... for now? I'm enjoying every bit of the ride.

Meanwhile, it's time for Five on Friday (with all these gals). Since most of my FoF's tend to be hodge podge posts, I thought I'd adopt more of a theme this week. I know... the structure and excitement of my work life is just bleeding over in all avenues. Or something.

So... back to business. Let's talk health. Wellness. All of it. I told my stepmom recently that if I hadn't studied communications/journalism/public relations in college, I would have definitely been a dietician. I am fascinated by nutrition and how the human body metabolizes food, and how the body systems interact with each other, natural remedies... all of it. That being said...

1. I told you all about my green smoothie obsession earlier this week. I am amazed with this pinterest account--everything you could possibly want to know about green smoothies, fabulous recipes, wonderful tips.


They have an instagram account too! Green smoothies are a fail-proof method of knocking out a ton of fruits, vegetables and fabulous nutrients in one fell swoop. Or sip.

2. Confession time: I tend to reverse discriminate a lot. Por ejemplo, if everyone around me  loves something, I channel a lot of energy into not liking aforementioned trendy thing. It's stupid, I know--but I've always done it. The individualistic thread of my makeup just has to put my proverbial foot down. Alas, I have strayed.

I have jumped on the lululemon bandwagon and am loving the ride. Wunder unders are fabulous for working out (read: comfortable, mask sweat, stay in place, don't hinder flexibility, durable), and I really love the runner's crop too (I will say wunder unders are way more comfortable, whereas the runner's crop are thicker and more durable). I reaaaaaally want this tank next. Do y'all drink the koolaid too?

3. Moving right along, I have totally leaped onto the Pure Barre Express too. I was reluctant for a while, but after my first class kicked my ass, I couldn't get enough. I still haven't sucked it up enough to make it to a 6 a.m. class, and doubt that will ever transpire... however, I have managed to create an at-least-twice-a-week routine that I am loving. I leave the class feeling so exuberant, so refreshed, seriously ready to tackle anything. Once my schedule allows, I'll throw in another day, but right now it works well with heading to the gym for cardio 1-2x a week. I want to mix some yoga in too. Y'all. Nashville is getting to me... all of these young active people--now I'm one of them. I love it.

I firmly believe everyone has to find what works for them. For the longest time, I tried to force running (I still want to be a "runner"), but it's just not me. Not right now. I don't have the mental commitment down and ultimately, I get bored. When I force myself to hit the pavement, I enjoy it--it's just the getting there. Pure Barre is fantastic for me... not to mention, Nashville just added another version of a barre-related workout with Dailey Method, which I tried last weekend. I loved it too--very similar to PB, and I still prefer PB (perhaps because Dailey Method is still getting its kinks ironed out--the class was a bit too full, the flow of the workout was a bit scattered), but will definitely be back to Dailey Method. I don't intend to really push Pure Barre on you, because it's not for everyone. But the bottom line is, I think staying active is really, really important for everyone--like I said, just find what works for you. (Sidenote: isn't it interesting that the Pure Barre logo and lulu logos are virtually identical? Hmm. Carry on.)

4. A separate element of wellness has everything to do with where your head's at. Literally. I have gotten into meditation (I KNOW. again, I blame Nashville.) and some deep breathing techniques, and as granola as it sounds, it has helped me immensely.

I sleep better, I'm more productive at work, I feel more attentive. Overall, I just feel more present (Try Omvana and Headspace). Try it, I promise you won't regret it.

5. Another fantastic element of a solid workout is a great playlist. I have a couple I enjoy here and here and here. Spotify is just so kick-ass.

Speaking of jams, it's just about time to back that azz up (thanks, whit!)

Hometown heroes Kings of Leon are playing here tonight, and I so wish I could go--their new album is unreal. I really love it, go give it a listen.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. love this! totally going to check out the green-smoothie site! thanks for sharing!

  2. lulu goodies are so freaking expensive…but so worth it. i swear i look 10 pounds lighter in their yoga pants. ain't nobody mad about that. found you via the linkup. new reader!

  3. I accidentally erased your comment from my blog and I am so sorry! But I wanted to tell you that I am using the book "All New Square Foot Gardening" and it makes gardening seem doable, especially for the novice. I would highly recommend it! I have not tried any lululemon items, I tell myself that once I "get serious" about working out, then I can start buying nice workout clothes.

    1. ha--laura, I did the exact same thing yesterday! deleted a sweet blog friend's comment by accident, so I totally understand! thank you for the book recommendation... and re: lululemon, look on ebay. lots of gals buying online and not returning when it doesn't fit! I have yet to buy something full price ;) so if ebay doesn't intimidate you, go there, girl! ;)

  4. I totally want to try Pure Barre! I've been hearing so many great things lately.


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