Wednesday, February 19, 2014

in my bag.

Nothing--and I mean nothing--intrigues me more than what's tucked away in a girl's bag. And yes, I know I'm contributing to the blogger stereotype of being oh-so-invasive, but I can't help it here. A girl's purse has the propensity of telling a lot about her. I giggle at the blog posts featuring the contents of purses owned by the entrepreneurial goddesses--a rifle paper company notebook and a lipgloss, sharing a space alongside some sort of phone-tablet conglomeration (because they're way too cool to be mainstream). Really? That's all you carry, eh?

Wrong answer.

My bag--usually swapped out for a new or a faithful oldie-but-goodie a couple times a year--holds my life (bonus? this classic, black carry-all was a whopping $9 from forever 21. I love it). It holds everything. I firmly believe someone could write a pretty stellar biography based on the contents of my purse. I've tried to downsize, but it's just not happening. A huge bag slung over my shoulder has become (gasp) a bit of a signature for me. And I like it.

I'm putting it all out there with this little display, but here are the highlights:

  • overstocked pouch solely dedicated to the lips... including my tried-and-true favorites (here, here, here and here).
  • a ridiculous stack of lists and notebooks (planner, notebook of to-do lists, prayer journal, meal planning notebook, texas notebook--what I miss, what I need to do yet) along with some tabs (never know when you'll need 'em!) and my favorite sharpie pens (I'm ridiculously OCD about the pens I use in my planner).
  • my favorite sunglasses (I don't think they make my tortoise anymore, but the black ones are cute!)
  • snackeroos... and my water bottle (always equipped with a handful of Luna bars, some tea bags, and my newest favorite).
  • always, always have teeny cinnamon altoids on hand.
  • the best hand cream ever (better than l'occitane, even).
  • and always a dazzling array of change ringing in the bottom of my bag. I break down about once a week and put it in my wallet.

So there you have it... what handful of things in your bag defines you?

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  1. Love this. And that I'm not the only one who needs a massive bag of "my stuff" to get through a day. :-)


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