Tuesday, February 18, 2014

week in review.

Last weekend, we finally made it to the Frist for the Rockwell exhibit. We'd planned to go for weeks upon weeks, and on a whim, just looked up the dates for how long the exhibit lasted... thank heavens, because it ended that Sunday, so luckily we made it just in time. And it was just surreal. I've long been a Rockwell lover, but seeing all of his works in person was magical. I know he's better known for his Post covers and the jovial, rosy depictions of Americana, but the handful of pieces he did that are grittier are almost more evocative. I just loved it... perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

My dog-cherishing family has enthusiastically tuned in to the Westminster (and AKC!) Dog Shows for years, and this year was no exception. My Pops and I live texted the entire night, and his commentary was solid gold. Better yet, the gorgeous little fox terrier won Best in Show! (I grew up with three wire fox terriers--crazy animated little pups).

ST and I had a sweet early Valentine's date night with a fancy dinnertime feast, followed by the Lord Huron show at Cannery. We've skipped out on date night lately... it's just too easy to get home, snuggle up and binge watch the latest Netflix obsession. So it was just fabulous to pause from our hectic lifestyle to get spruced up and go out on the town. We've skipped out on date nights since a little before Christmas, but we're definitely ramping them back up now, and I love it.

Speaking of which, Valentine's was just great... ST surprised me with some perfect, deep pink ranunculas (one of my favs!), and we sipped on champagne and watched a movie with CT. After we all saw Monuments Men together, I headed over to my dear friend Alex's house with my other dollface girls to have an impromptu housewarming for her new apartment.

Phewww.... another week gone, right? We're heading home to Texas this weekend and I am ELATED. I was home at Christmas, but it seems like it was eons ago.

I'm ready to love on my people.

Hope you're having a fabulous week!

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