Tuesday, February 4, 2014

week in review.

Hello again! I have been a busy little lady as of late, so Wednesday is prime time for my week in review post. I'm still in this haze of being torn between my obligation and affection for this little corner of the internet, and truly enjoying what minimal free time I have. I'm in the depth of learning the ropes in a new office, balancing my days of nannying and church and junior league, and trying to make plenty of time for my girls, my boy and my sweet pup. It's a daily struggle--I know you all know what I mean. This whole technology-meets-social media land makes it a bit easier sometimes, most of the time, actually--but it's a blessing and a curse.

Anyway, last week was good to me. The fam I nanny for, their sweet weimaraner was spayed, so Maiz and I put together a little care package for her. When I dropped by the pup store to find some garb for Pippa, I found the perfect little kong for Maiz. I felt a little neglectful that I'd never bought my wildly spoiled pup of six years, one of the quintessential dog necessities.

Well... apparently I was on to something by avoiding the purchase. Because when I smeared that shiz with peanut butter, she gave it a halfhearted lick-and-a-half, then looked up at me as if to say, "neat. what's next?" So there's that. At least it's pink and matches most of the rest of her toys.

I spent Saturday morning sweating it out in a class for the grand opening of the Dailey Method, (which I am both a fan of, and still sore from) and then the afternoon catching up with my darling hair girl. She painted me up with some red highlights, took some off the ends and per the usual, I love it. She's amazing. It was the first gorgeous day that Nashville has seen in weeks and weeks, so I managed to get my filthy car washed (this is a monumental feat, considering the frigid temps lately and the ridiculous residual salt that was looming on my vehicular).

After two-and-a-half years (!!!) of staring at a dingy wooden cart that I bought when I was still in Texas, I finally completed my revamping of it and I'm crazy about the end product. I painted the main part of the cart in "smart white," a crisp white with the slightest lavender-pink undertone. I painted the handles a rich metallic gold. Come over and booze with me. And stare at my gorgeous $30-all-in, DIY project.

The Super Bowl came and went. We ate a lot of food. Especially dips.

Oh, and Pops and I are perfecting our Facetiming. It's a damn near daily occurrence, and fewer things make me happier. He's just the best, and I always feel at home when I get to see him chatting me up from my childhood home, surrounded by our family pups.

I hope January was good to you!!

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