Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As I mentioned to you, I've been keeping up with Kendra Thornton, who inspired yesterday's post on my hometowns. Kendra is a former VP of Corporate Communications at Orbitz, and she offered a similar piece for me to share with you in a little collaborative project, and she's singing the praises of hometown of Chicago! I've never been, but it's definitely on my list to experience. Here is a little compilation of a few of her preferred stops--I hope you enjoy!

Since I live in Chicago, I can say from experience that it's fun place to be. There is such a wide array of enjoyable and educational activities that you'll never want to go home. Indeed, the number of things you can do here can be a bit overwhelming. Rather than wasting precious vacation time trying to decide what you want to do the most, consider a few of my favorite attractions.

Southport Avenue

This lively and cultured part of Chicago can be found just a few blocks from Wrigley Field. The stores along this street have an easy-going feel while still providing customers with the latest and most popular fashion trends. One of these is the Cerato Boutique, which sells items created by local designers. Given the wide variety of Southport Avenue's shops and restaurants, it's easy to spend an entire day here.

Grant Park

Chicago's Grant Park is one of the city's most historically rich and popular locations. People come from all over just to visit everything it has to offer. Millennium Park calls this attraction home, as well as the Museum Campus, the Chicago Art Institute and the Buckingham Fountain. Locals frequently refer to Grant Park as the city's front yard, mainly due to its breathtaking greenery and design.

City Gallery

Inside of the Windy City's Historic Water Tower, you'll find the City Gallery. This gallery features the photography and artwork of Chicago residents. If you want to get a peek at the more artistic side of Chicago, then this is one attraction you shouldn't overlook. Since it can be found right on Michigan Avenue, feel free to peruse the nearby shops as well. The Historic Water Tower that houses the City Gallery is also a key landmark, and it was built between 1867 and 1869. At one point, the water tower contained a pipe measuring 135 feet in height, the purpose of which was to regulate water pressure. Even more surprisingly, the water tower stood strong through the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. All of the works on display in the City Gallery are about Chicago and it's free to get in.

The Peninsula Hotel and Spa

Chicago's Peninsula hotel and spa is easily my most favored establishment in the city when I want to unwind. Any time I need to take a break from life's everyday pressures, I take a day off to come here to indulge and be pampered. The fabulous European-style cuisine and upscale day spa makes this woman's dreams come true. The Peninsula can be found on East Superior Street, which is a lovely area. Chicago offers a number of hotels that cater to various travelers. No matter the hotel you’re looking for, Chicago is sure to have it.

The Ralph Lauren Restaurant

When autumn begins replacing the oppressive heat with a cheerful nip, it's the perfect time of year to head to one place I love, the Ralph Lauren Restaurant known as "RL". This establishment is situated in the center of downtown Chicago. The nearby Chicago Flagship, the world’s biggest Polo store, makes a trip here even more enjoyable. RL's menu is based on American food, and my current favorite is their tomato soup with grilled cheese. There's nothing like hot soup and a sandwich on a chilly day.

I want to thank Kendra for her insider info--I'll definitely be adding these to my travel plans! Have you ever been to Chicago??

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  1. My hometown, baby!!! Miss her. Just not now. It's still winter there LOL


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