Friday, March 28, 2014

It's pretty damn great being a girl. About once a week, I have a little mini life detox and throw myself a spontaneous spa party. It's never on the same night of the week, it's not even consistently a weekly thing, but I have found that taking the time out to indulge a little just really helps me pop the batteries out of my otherwise crazy head, and unwind.

Last night, I went extra wild and incorporated my latest favorite hair mask (although it smells heavily of tobacco--which obviously isn't for everyone). If you're looking for an alternative, I use coconut oil as a mask now and then too, which is definitely something I'd recommend. Inexpensive, easy and effective.

So I'll set the sexy scene for you.

1. I kick this party off by washing my makeup off (eye makeup too!), and usually with the assistance of my clarisonic (I wanted to love Neutrogena Naturals facial wash, but it's a tad too perfumey. I'm a really big fan of Fresh Soy Cleanser and Philosophy products). I have a later stage that is exclusively dedicated to exfoliating, so this might be a little too much scrubbage, but you gotta do what works for you, right? This winter weather has really dried out my skin, which has always been really manageable. So, the dual stages of exfoliation work for me.

2. After I bury my face in a fluffy white towel, I proceed with the exfoliating stage. I received the Vasanti in a Birchbox, and I like it okay, but I really love the Kate Somerville Exfolikate. It's pricey, but worth every single, shiny penny. The two-ounce tube has lasted me forever. It's composed of fruit enzymes and the tiniest little scrubbers that leave your face crazy smooth.

3. Moving right along... face is dried once again. To incorporate a "steam phase," I take a washcloth and rinse it in the hottest water I can stand. I wring it out and lay it on top of my face for about 20 seconds, and repeat once or twice. This opens up your pores for the mask stage, and allows the product to (omg, I hate this word) penetrate more effectively.

4. I collect appreciate several different masks, but lately I've bounced between the Bliss Oxygen Mask and Origins Active Charcoal Mask. They're both suited for different tasks, and both really leave my face feeling incredible. The oxygen mask bubbles up within seconds and makes your skin feel completely rejuvenated. The charcoal mask really digs deep and cleans out your pores. I alternate between them--usually dependent upon what I feel I'm needing at the time, but also depending on how much time I have to spend. The oxygen mask takes about 10-15 minutes less than the charcoal mask and is a little less messy.

5. Final stage is reserved for moisturizing. I usually slather on some Clinique Moisture Surge at the end of every day,  but have resorted to the mask version after my facial fetes lately, since I could rival an iguana with my shedding skillz. It's working... not greasy at all (which is what I hate about a lot of moisturizers). I highly recommend. I also can't say enough fabulous things about Josie Maran's Light Argan Oil. Hasn't let me down yet!

I'm also a little obsessed with this Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum that I use every few days, and the Ole Henriksen eye gel that I am utterly convinced is working.

Onto other things... let's back it up.

Thanks to Whitney for the idea... since it's raining and dreary and the perfect weather for snugsing, I had to go with something chill and slow.

Have a wonderful, fabulous weekend, y'all!!

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