Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life, man. How do y'all do it? I mean, really? How do you blog five times a week while loving on your husbands/boyfriends, feeding and bathing your kids, working 40+-hour-a-week jobs, do anything outside of your home... all of it? How??? I'm in awe of you, truly. Something has to give, and it's usually my little ol' blog. And then I shuffle my way back over here and remember why I love it so much.

This past month has been really good. Spring is stubbornly inching its way to Nashville, I'm still reminiscing about our wonderful weekend vacay to Texas and work has been amazing. Life is good. There's a lot going on--all of the damn time--but life is good.

Here's a glimpse of what the past month has looked like for us:

...all in all? Lots of overdue family time, lots of fabulous time with sweet friends (complete with baby puppies and a Texas Naturalization Party for my dear friend's boyfriend's birthday), lots of the food I crave when I'm here in Nashville, and just basically the best recharging I could hope for. Going home and spending even a couple days with the people I've loved forever is just so good for my soul. Truly.

Since then...

...exploring the greenway next to our house, enjoying sunshine for the first time in weeks, finding a Lara bar that I actually love--and have proceeded to buy in bulk every time I go to the grocery store (most of them are heavy on the date flavor, and I just can't hack that), prepping for the arrival (and spoiling!) of baby girl #2 for the precious family I get to nanny for, my weekly discovery at Trader Joe's, and yeah, lots of Maizie time...

...indulging in some lazy Sundays at home, jumping into the book from the marriage prep class ST and I took last week, putting that Texas cookie cutter to good use (and making lots of dog treats for Maiz!), our first blog gal's book club, first trip to the farmer's market this season, working on my blog facelift, trying out a few new restaurants, grilling out here and there and lots of quality girl time.

Spring is looking mighty fine.