Monday, April 21, 2014

Another day, another dollar, am I right? What is it about spring that makes life fly by at an obscene rate of speed? We're eyeball deep in making our summer plans, and the nostalgic part of me is already missing summer. Yeah, I've got issues.

Last week, two of my dear Junior League buds and I met up for lunch at Epice... and the Epice salad was unreal (and the first of two celebrity sightings of the week. Quite literally ran into Easton Corbin, who my friend Sarah used to live near! I love how small Nashville can be!). I've been churning away at Pure Barre--took 5 classes in a row last week, trying my best to dominate this 30-day Challenge situation. The week was just utterly gorgeous, and ST and I fit in a little lunch date in Hillsboro Village, followed by our first paletas--avocado for me and chocolate, chocolate chip for him--of the year (and sighting 2: Josh Radnor, whom I totally adore. We locked eyes and had a moment. He spoke on campus on Wednesday, and I just didn't have time to squeeze it in. Wouldn't you know, I nearly RAN into him the next day. Again--small world!). Maizie's being Maizie--as sweet and adorable as ever. We made a huge Easter brunch after church yesterday, and ST put his grillmaster hat on and made some fabulous steaks for dinner. And in between? I read Heaven Is For Real cover-to-cover and took a glorious two-hour nap... followed up with catching up on Mad Men and Orphan Black. Oh, and my stepmom clearly addresses my mail to "Nashvegas" which I think it the most hilarious thing.

All-in-all? An amazing week.

How are you? What's on your plate lately?

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