Monday, April 14, 2014

Another weekend in the books. The name of our game lately has been Don't Dare Let Any Food Go Uneaten, it seems. We've been GO GO GO for a while, but our appetites haven't suffered. We proudly celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day on Saturday, and tracked down the Grilled Cheeserie for one of our favorite summertime meals (complete with Mexican coke, obvi). Maizie has been loving her full panel view of our sprawling front yard--my circle edit of the pic doesn't do that little snapshot justice, but trust me, it's just precious. And homegirl got a much needed bath today. I try to give her a weekly bath, but lately, it hasn't happened that way. And being the anti-dog, it's not like she really needed the deep cleansing or anything, but you know... routine.

Friday night, some of my best girlfriends, ST and I headed to Cheekwood for Highballs & Hydrangeas. All-in-all, the rain didn't dampen (HA, puns) our evening much. We danced a little, drank a little and indulged in some of the best people watching I've had as of late. When we determined our fun cap had been met for the eve, ST and I headed to Saint Anejo--one of my new Nashville favorites (get the short rib tacos. oh, and a Sasha to sip on.)

Last week, I am just a little more than proud to announce that I managed to cook a lot. It's been challenging for me, working 12-hours plus church and junior league, to get home and whip up something exciting and (with a goal of being) healthy. But I'm quite proud of my skill set as of late. And my homebody mantra of never having an empty cake stand has been truer than ever lately--ST said the chocolate sour cream bundt cake is the best thing I've ever made. Ahem... and I make a LOT. So that makes a girl feel good (if you venture there, go for Ghirardelli chocolate for the glaze). Do you have a standard set of go-to meals, or do you try to pep it up with some fresh new meals now and then?

In other news, I finished Mimi Alford's book, Once Upon A Secret, which has just perpetuated my obsession with the Kennedys.  Have you read anything good lately?

And, perhaps even more excitingly, I am nervously excitedly taking on a pure barre challenge for the next month. Here's hoping I can manage to endure 21 classes by mid-May... the reward of 30% off your next class purchase is just way too good to pass up. I'm just hoping my seat feels the same way after this week. First class = today at noon. Wish me luck. Have you ever done a Pure Barre (or fitness) challenge of any sort?

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I love to meal plan and cook at home during the week. I generally make 4-5 meals a week at home and at least 2 of them are newbies that I've found via pinterest. Just this weekend I bought a new CrockPot with a timer and a 'keep warm' feature which will be nice on those long days when I'm leaving home at 715a and getting home at 7p. Good luck with the your gym challenge! I'd love to try Pure Barre.

  2. get it, girl!! I admire your culinary purveyor skillz. I should use my crockpot more, but it's seriously relegated to queso and the occasional chicken taco situation.

    ohhhh man, I'm literally on my way to PB right now! all kinds of nerves. thanks for the good vibes!


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