Tuesday, April 29, 2014

as a general rule, candles are not the most fabulous of items to give as gifts. despite being viewed as impersonal and with the potential to disappoint--scents being a finicky interest and all--I freaking love them. I have them tucked into every little corner of my house, a conglomeration of complementary aromas wafting through every room. the circle-e bird of paradise candle in my kitchen is almost always ablaze, and it takes me right back to being a teenager, sitting cross-legged and barefoot on the floor of my mimi's living room--and I can almost hear her infectious laughter. the luxe linen aquiesse candle from the family I nanny for is the freshest, prettiest, most heavenly scent I've ever, ever smelled. tyler candles in the diva scent? I'm right back in my college apartment, swimming in textbooks, reality TV blasting through my TV speakers, maizie sound asleep at my side. scents are powerful stuff.

I remember the very first time someone ever gave me a candle as a gift. I was about 12, had been routinely babysitting my cousin Cole, and along with my payment one weekend, my aunt gave me a ginger peach candle from pier one. I loved it immediately. It was so fresh and sweet, but not overpoweringly so. and I do believe that was the moment I can trace back to when my adoration was born.

a few weeks ago, I was making my way through my standard weekly target visit and noticed the neighboring pier one was going out of business (something about living on the quiet part of town, full of the geriatric set--not many people shopping for patio furniture and whatnot). I skipped on in and stocked up (at 40% off!). I'm kicking myself and wish I'd bought a few more... they're lit in our bedroom and bathroom and if I close my eyes, in the right moment, I almost feel like I'm back in my childhood bedroom, waiting for my stepmom to call me to dinner. I just love it.

do you have a scent that takes you back? even if it's not yours, is there one that reminds you of childhood, or your mom, or college?


  1. One of my Oprah Gifts (aka if I had a billion dollars...I would give this gift to everyone) is a candle from anthro. It is amazingggggg. I am with you candles though. They can make extra lame gifts. But if it is amazinnnnnnnngggg, well, not to repeat myself but it's amazzzzzzinnnnng

  2. I used to love candles but now they honestly kill my allergies. I do okay with scentsy though (I think because if am choosing the intensity and their made with essential oils). I've had some kind of scentsy going in my house nonstop since discovering that.


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