Friday, April 11, 2014

Hey y'all. This week has pretty much kicked my ass... in a good way. I've been so crazy busy, and I feel like every time I revisit my dear little blog, it's Friday again. But it's finally spring, it's so gorgeous here in Nashville, and while life is busy--it's just so, so good. I have all the desire in the world to be more consistent with my posts, I have a zillion and three lists going of legit blog conversation material, but when it comes down to it, after a 12-hour workday and whatever else I've managed to tack on to my to-dos and places-to-be, this little nook is pretty much tucked in the shadowy corner of my minds... but hey, thankfully this whole Five on Friday bit keeps me on somewhat of a schedule (thanks to these four fab ladies).

So here's my weekly mash-up:

1. H&M has been pretty stellar lately. They opened a location near our house last summer, and I had been anticipating it for months (I'd never set foot in an H&M prior to its Nashville locale opening). Only, once it opened, I was sorely disappointed. The sleek trends their website boasted were not replicated on the mannequins--everywhere I looked, tacky teenybopper trends were on display. So, as the months have worn on, I haven't made it a point to venture in too often. I needed a dress for an event we're going to tonight, so I popped in earlier this week and was surprised to see a ton of really adorable spring goods. Tailored blazers, punchy sundresses, lots of classic basics. I scooped up this dress for tonight, along with a couple of really airy, tunic-y tank tops to accent my post-work uniform of leggings-with-a-side-of-cozy.


The event we're heading to tonight is an annual Nashville thing, where all the yuppies rub shoulders over cocktails and the best food in town at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. I wanted to go last year, but we were out of town--so I'm super excited. It's sort of my official spring kick-off (even though I've droned on and on about it here for weeks), and I can't wait to hang out with my girls and ST all night amidst the pretty flowers and boozy beverages. Yayyy, adulthood.

2. Do you watch Hart of Dixie? I know. I KNOW. We all have our things, right?


I watched it when it premiered years ago, but just lost interest before I made it through the first season. I remember loving it when I did watch consistently, and I'm a huge fan of Rachel Bilson's, so I randomly started watching last weekend via Netflix, as I was typing away on my computer. Well, I got sucked in again and have binged through most of season 1. Something about it reminds me so much of my childhood... mostly the small-town references and likenesses, I think. So I'm back on board for now.

3. I experienced a pivotal victory this week. After years of subscribing to literally, HUNDREDS of blogs, I broke down and started purging. Just got rid of dozens upon dozens of sites that just aren't relevant to me anymore. I cut the excess, and just completely reorganized what I have left. It was a task I'd eagerly wanted to sit down and complete for so long--literally over the past year. I went from about 7000 unread posts down to 1700. So, there is a light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. By the way, if you're like me and not loving Bloglovin or Feedly, try The Old Reader, if you have a saved file of all of your blogs (and you should somewhere if you converted from Google Reader... may she rest in peace.) The layout is so strikingly similar to Google's version (Bloglovin didn't transfer all of my blogs, and Feedly--while I love the capabilities--I just want something simple. The Old Reader is the best).

4. Mad Men is a'coming back on Sunday and sweet Jesus, I can't wait. Here are some spectacular little teaser photos to tide you over. Thanks, GQ.


 ...and if you're not on that train, come aboard. Binge watch it all. It's totally worth it. Totally can't wait to see Roger schmooze like only Roger can schmooze, Don be conflicted about everything in Don's life, Joan pointedly steal the scene, more so with her tongue than her silhouette--a crazy feat indeed, and Sally, well... be Sally.


5. I've been on a sweet tooth kick lately like you wouldn't believe. I recently invested in a bundt cake pan for the first time in my life and it has been pretty exhilarating. My first endeavor was a lemon pineapple situation that was crazy dense and crazy good. Last night, I decided to tackle a sour cream chocolate beast that I haven't sampled yet, but if the samplings of the batter and glaze are any indication of decadence, well this is me tooting my own horn.

I got really overzealous and decided to whip up some oatmeal cream pies too (little man LOVES them. Hell, so does big man. ahem, I mean, ST.) Pioneer Woman's never let me down, and these absolutely did not disappoint. Good gracious are they good.

...and as always, thanks to Whit for this jam sesh. I can't get enough of this song lately--it's so perfect for the morning commute.

Listen loud, and listen often.

Happy weekend to you!!


  1. You are inspiring me to purge -- thanks! :)

  2. I will admit that I'm a Hart of Dixie watcher... *hangs head in shame* I was sucked into it after Jason Street a la Friday Night Lights became George Tucker. Each time I sit down and watch I question my taste in television, but I just can't cut the cord! I also agree with you on the sheer genius of The Pioneer Woman. She's pretty much amazing! Happy Friday!

  3. I, too, am a huge Hart of Dixie fan. Started watching it when it first premiered (oh, Summer, you are finally back! ha) and continued to watch even though it has a slight dip for me with this second season (Not going to lie..I'm waiting for the relationships to become more of a focus!). I also love it because the area that they are replicating is actually the small town that I lived in while I was an Alabama resident..so that's pretty neat. :)

  4. I haven't seen Mad Men, but have heard great things. I MUST watch it soon! -Stopping by from 5 on Friday.


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