Monday, April 7, 2014

I really didn't absorb how much I was hankering for spring until it arrived, full-swing. I feel like every single post I churn out inclues a shoutout to spring, but I really just feel like a new person. I know a lot of my giddiness can be attributed to how much I love every single day right now--my job, everything with ST, my everyday routine, how--yes, a little hokey--just fortunate I feel to be here, in this stage, surrounded by the people I love. And Nashville in springtime? It ain't too shabby. Walking outside and breathing in spring every morning, I can practically feel the grayness of winter just evaporating out of me. I am so, so excited for what the coming months will bring.

In the meantime, we've been staying busy. I nixed my long hair for a bit (it's growing crazy fast, per the usual) and finally committed to some Warby Parkers that I love. I re-upped my Pure Barre subscription and am wrapping up my first year as a Junior Leaguer. We've kept up our tour of Nashville restaurants and fell in love with Local Taco. Sweet Brittney came to town and we had the chance to catch up over coffee--and then I headed to the Farmer's Market and loaded up on a half-dozen lush little additions with which to adorn our cozy patio. Our every weekend is spent immersed in some sort of project, and I eagerly anticipate them more and more.

I am a self-proclaimed autumn girl, through and through, but spring has been so, so good to me so far.

In other news, I bit the bullet and finally got the sweet little canister I've been eyeing for months (keurig pod storage at its finest), which prompted a little kitchen reorganization project. I impulsively bought a bundt cake pan and baked my first cake--lemon pineapple--kid- and boyfriend-approved! We spent last weekend washing cars as a little trio and grilled out for one of the first times this year.

I do love a man who can grill. And ST? He takes the cake. (lots of food references. you can see where my loyalties lie).

This past weekend? We mostly laid low, and ST surprised me with a massage on Saturday. It was nothing short of heavenly.

Cheers to a fabulous week! Hope all is well in your world!

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