Monday, May 5, 2014

All of my frolicking to and fro has led to me acquiring some sort of plague. I woke up yesterday and could barely move--the rattle of my nasty cough adding considerably to my immobile state. Clad in the most hideous comfortable jersey sleep pants known to man, I guzzled hot tea all day and took at least two hour-plus-long naps (I say "at least" because I am vaguely remembering a third, but my head is still too hazy to confirm). I have ambitiously embarked on a regimen of nyquil/dayquil, flonase, benadryl, zyrtec and swallowing garlic slices whole. So far, I'm still kicking.

Whilst hunkered down yesterday, I made my ultimate comfort food: homemade chicken noodle soup (only with ditalini and not rotini since we were out. oops. but it was a happy accident--I liked the smaller pasta a lot). My sweet little L had her very first dance recital this weekend (basically the most adorable thing ever) and the gerberas I surprised her with were nearly half her size--though she insisted on carrying them. It was the sweetest. Saturday, I began my freelance event manager career, if we're going to call it that. I actually had a lot of fun, getting back in the game of executing the logistics and knowing what questions to ask--even learned how to nail a squared table linen. The gala I helped with was at the new Omni Hotel downtown, and the space is incredible (as is the view--see the downtown street view in the 6th pic?). Saturday night, the girls and I met up for some Derby discussion--orrrr, pizza and beer. Maizie got her summer 'do on Saturday morning, and I found a gorgeous bunch of hot pink roses on a decrepit bush we have on the southern wall of our house. So naturally, I snipped a few for the living room.

I hope you had a great weekend!

And because it's a new month, here's a bevy of sweet jams for you.

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  1. Love your playlists, loved our late night (for me) text sesh last night. Feel better!!


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