Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm relieved last week is over. What with Mother's Day and the frenzy of graduation week, topped off with a hectic nannying workload, fighting a cold and trying to cram a Pure Barre class into every single day? Um, yeah... welcoming this week with open arms. Loving me some Monday right now.

Last week, Commencement came and went. In my job, there are a handful of events throughout the year on my calendar that serve as milestones--Commencement is one of 'em. And as part of that blessed occasion, a colleague and myself spent most of an afternoon, slapping up 600 reserved signs for VIP seating in our un-air conditioned gym, just in case Mother Nature reared her bitchy head and sent down a rain storm on what should be a picture-perfect day (the ceremony is normally held on a campus lawn). After the breakfast that my team hosted on Friday, I salvaged some of the centerpiece flowers to take home (still, hands down, one of my favorite byproducts of events). I had my fourth Barre class of the week on Saturday, followed by brunch (and my beloved cuban crema) with my girlfriends at Pinewood. I logged many hours snuggling with my favorite little female duo, and when I wasn't speeding off to my next appointment, you would've found me tucked in with Maizie, surrounded by my army of over-the-counter cold meds.

ST grilled what was possibly the best steak I've ever consumed at the end of a particularly trying day. We saw a couple of movies over the past week (Bears--which was life-changing. I literally cried through about a third of the movie, and Neighbors--which was completely hysterical. And full of shirtless Efron, which obviously gets two thumbs up from this girl). Oh, and the mom I nanny for surprised me with my favorite Jelly Bellys, which is a definite win.

So, okay, yeah. In retrospect? Not so bad. But that's the funny thing about a blog post--it's much more pleasant to reminisce about what went right, instead of whining about why I felt so damn anxious all week. But I'm okay with that. Months from now, if I were to sift through the "week in review" category here on this little blog of mine, I'd be taken back to all of the tasty dinners and sweet moments and happenstance encounters--and not the demands and struggles and frustrations that tend to get me down. And I don't think that's an inauthentic approach at all--I see it as focusing on the positive-- which for this cynical, sarcastic girl? I'll just say it works for me.

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