Wednesday, May 7, 2014

you know I've been singing pure barre's praises for the past few weeks. I'm hooked, I love it, I'm totally drinking the koolaid, whatever. and while I know you're intelligent enough to pack your own gym bag, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spill about my essentials (because you know how nosy I am about bags and such).

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by misformoxie via polyvore.

  • comfortable, form-fitting attire... so here's a confession. I didn't get the whole lululemon frenzy for the longest time. and then I jumped on that bandwagon too. super quality, forms to your body, amazingly comfortable. yes, I have other workout gear that ain't too shabby, yet I'm always reaching for this stuff. the wunder under crop is amazing--I wear them everyday when I get home too. in a top, I love a racerback situation--and it's ideal for all the bending, stretching and reaching that PB entails.
  • your own personal hydration station. and a snackeroo. I rock my camelbak everyday, and I always have a stash of lemon bar larabars on me.
  • a towel to mop off your pools of sweat. I don't see many girls bring towels, which surprises me. not everyone sweats a ton, but wouldn't you take a towel if you went to the gym to skip on the elliptical? it's the right thing to do.
  • the $12 grippy socks that might elicit an eye-roll prior to your first class. trust me--you'll want your toes to stay firmly planted throughout that 90-second plank.
  • heart-rate monitor watch. because it's pretty freaking awesome to feel your formerly-absent obliques AND realize you burned nearly 600 calories on your lunch break. 

...oh, do I sound like I'm gloating? well maybe I am. I'm okay with it. but the fact is, I'm damn proud of myself. I have found something that completely works for me, and I genuinely look forward to my daily workout. it's exhilarating and inspiring, and I cannot get enough.

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  1. I really wish we had a cool exercise place where I live. I used to go to The Dailey Method when I lived in SLC, but I've never been anywhere with Pure Barre. And right now, I would take any fun class. I'm envious of how much you're loving Pure Barre and the changes it's making!


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